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Phobia Dubai escape rooms.

Have some fun with friends at the escape rooms of Phobia Dubai. This reality doesn’t look like our ordinary life. You will be locked in an underground bunker, house of a maniac, modern museum, detective’s apartments or other unusual place. To escape from the room you need to understand how to complete your mission and find the way out. You have 60 minutes to win the game.

Phobia has a great amount of room variations:

«Vault» and «Live» relate to escape rooms with certain storyline and spaces adapted to the situation (prison, underground shelter, subterranean), where you have limited time to get out using various things, unraveling secrets that help to escape. Full of adventures «Vault» represents post-apocalyptic world – underground shelter with zombies, where players should be a cohesive team and work together to go out free as well as «Live» transfers you to maniac basement where you have only an hour to save your own life before the mad man comes back to his lair!

«Wizard School» – another type of Phobia escape games, where you have to fight with the Dark Lord, use magic to solve puzzles, find relics etc., but in «Sherlock» the main weapons you have are logic, attention, calm and intuition. These live games are more suitable for parents with children or teenagers in order to unite family and have funny weekends or holidays.

«Impossible Mission» – the best choice of people (couples, friends) fond of thrills and excitement. It’s such an action movie, but everything is happening here and now, and you’re a part of crime story.


  1. Gather a team of 2-5 people
  2. Book a session
  3. Come 15 min in advance
  4. Get locked and play
  5. Find clues & solve puzzles
  6. Escape in under 60 mins

The atmosphere is not terrifying and dangerous, but very realistic. So if you’re afraid of closed doors, darkness, lack of air or light – be calm, claustrophobia won’t threaten you there!

Phobia Dubai is located in JLT, X1 tower, shop S-07

Tel: +971527974916 or email

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