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Looking for an affordable gift wrap option? How about fabric?


What you will need: 

Rubber blocks

A carving tool

Fabric (12cm x12cm)


Block printing ink



    • Draw out your desired image, on the rubber block, to make the imprint. (Or you can draw on a piece of paper, and then either use transfer paper to get the image on the rubber block, or lay your image on the block and push down while you trace it, to imprint the image on the rubber.)
    • Next, use your carving tool to carve away excess rubber, leaving your image raised.


    • Make sure your fabric is washed, dried, and ironed before printing.
    • Squeeze some ink onto a paper plate. You don’t need much.
    • Take your brayer, and using a little force, roll it into the ink, coating the whole brayer. There should be a nice, coated, yet thin layer of ink on the whole roll.
    • Apply the ink onto your stamp. It is always good to test print before you start printing on your final fabric piece.
    • Press down on the stamp with your palm, for a more even application. Don’t be worried if the stamped image isn’t solid, this is what makes it beautiful, the imperfections, and slight differences of each individual print.


    • Once you are done printing, leave your fabric to dry for a few hours.
    • When it is dry to the touch, iron to set the ink.
    • Time to wrap! Place your gift in the middle of the fabric, take opposite corners and tie them, then take the other two corners, and do the same.

And there you have it, a unique wrapped gift.


By : Unruly-things

©Picture : Unruly Things

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