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Looking for winter camps for your little one?  Here are some really cool ones in Abu Dhabi

If you need to send the kids off to winter camp this year, we’ve found some of the coolest!

Palace grounds, Kayaking and Dr Seuss – There are some really cool things for the kids to do at Winter Camp in Abu Dhabi

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Emirates Palace kids camp lets kids run riot in their amazing grounds, with water slides, lazy river and sporting activities including archery and Zumba.

17 December–4 January – ages 5-14 years

From AED220/day (including lunch) weekly rates available

Contact: 02 690 7310/7311

 〈  〈  〈  〈  〈                      〉  〉  〉  〉  〉

Sheraton is offering a winter camp from with lots of outdoor and sporting activities including Kayaking, beach games, island picnics and arts and crafts.

Winter camp at Sheraton Abu Dhabi in 2017

17-28 December – ages 4-14 years.

From AED200/day, weekly rates available.

Contact: 02 697 0272

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For something different check out Dr Seuss winter camp that takes kids on a journey of artistic exploration.  Hosted at Greenopia Eco Nursery, tiny ones will learn about story telling, literacy skills, and boost confidence.

Dr Seuss Winter camp Abu Dhabi

17 December-4 January – ages 1.5-7years

From AED560/week

Contact: 02 679 8887

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For little explorers, Odyssey Nursery are launching the Zoology winter camp that will focus on animals and exploring the big outdoors.  Not only will the nursery be visited Emirates Park Zoo to learn more about reptiles, they will also visit the Zoo for a full animal experience!

Zoology Winter Camp Abu Dhabi

17 December–4 January – ages 4 months-8 years

From AED650/week

Contact: 056 484 5510


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