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Ready to switch from a bottle dispenser to filtered tap water?

Whether it’s about your hair looking dull because of the water, or your aim to stop using bottled water, we have noticed most of our friends living in the UAE are now wanting to make the switch to filter water at home.

To make it easier we have a round-up of a few of the options you can pick from.

Pure Blue Shower Purifier by H20 Pure Blue

We all once blamed the water for unusually dry skin or hair loss and feel that the chlorine in the water is one of the main offenders. H20 Pure Blue developed and sells a water filter that can be fitted to your shower.

It is called The Pure Blue Shower Purifier and it lessens your exposure to chemicals in the water, which makes a big difference to the condition of skin and hair. It’s surprisingly quick and easy to attach – and it’s cost effective too. With the exception of the cartridge needing to be changed every six months or so, there is no other maintenance required.

An investment for your skin and hair that is worth every single penny!

The Pure Blue Shower Purifier costs less than 300AED and you can order it online at H2O Pure Blue with free delivery inside the UAE and cash delivery option.

Water Filtration Solutions to drink tap water

A bottle-free dispenser solution

Have you ever counted how much money you spend on bottled water, without including the plastic bottles we buy when out and about? A rough calculation tells us we easily spend over 1500 AED per year. That’s why some have already switched to technical solutions and purifying water machines as it could be payed back within 2-4 years.

In our quest to find the best filter option, we have done some digging around and found these options below:

Liquid of Life
Liquid of Life has been operating for a couple of years now in the UAE and proposes a bottle-free water dispenser. The machine uses different filters which are NSF (National Safety Foundation) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) tested and accredited.

Water Club
We also came across the Water Club company that sells different machines which provide unlimited filtered and UV purified water. Like any other water dispenser, it provides instantly boiling or chilled at the touch of a button, while removing bad stuff like Chlorine, Bacteria and stopping scale.

Their website mentions at the bottom of the page all the various certifications it got, including DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority).


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