An innovative new business idea by a young girl that has the beauty industry in a spin

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This latest business idea has the beauty world in shock and awe.  Harvard graduate, Gracie Choi, revealed her plans for 3D printers to generate a multiple makeup palette at home, that she has named The Mink!

A self-proclaimed serial inventor, the printer will allow the user to choose a color from either a digital photograph, other makeup, or even a flower, or any other form that has a color you like, and let you print it in makeup.

For now its just Gracie working on a plan alone to bring the product to the younger market aged between 13-21, but given that she has caught so much media attention that there are bound to be investors and partners willing to work with her.

Choi has a lot of work ahead of her but she has definitely got a lot of eyes on her ever since she first revealed her plans at the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefied.

Check out this video where Gracie Choi talks about her business model and get inspired!



Mink, The 3D makeup printer

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