Hair loss is a big concern for those living in Abu Dhabi. In a quest to beat it, we’ve tried several remedies…

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Hair loss is apparently a big concern for those living in the UAE, thanks to both the water quality and constant exposure to air conditioning. In a quest to beat it, we’ve tried several remedies…

The first on our list to try was Permea Plus Anti-Sal Shampoo & Conditioner; a unique formula designed to combat the damaging effects of desalinated water that cause hair to break off. The products work to make the scalp healthy, because only then will your hair will gradually become smooth and strong again. It also provides gentle cleansing to remove all build-up of minerals and oxidisers from the scalp and cuticle that can damage hair and prevents dryness caused by minerals and chlorine in desalinated water.

An alternative is Hair Repair Massage Oil, which encourages nutrients in the blood to feed the hair follicles to encourage growth. Neither of the products are miracle worked, but they definitely revitalise hair affected by desalinated water.

Secondly, we found a shower filter that we use every day and have definitely noticed positive results. The Pure Blue Shower Purifier lessens your exposure to chemicals in the water, which makes a big difference to the condition of skin and hair. It’s surprisingly quick and easy to attach – and it’s cost effective too. It costs 250 AED and we think it is a good investment for the skin and hair.

Permea Plus Anti-Sal Shampoo & Conditioner is available at Boots or your nearest pharmacy. See for more details.

The pure blue shower purifier can be found in Marina at Bin Sina pharmacy and Hairworks (2nd floor, Spinneys Building, Street #6, Al Khubeirah, tel 026816760)


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