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A storytelling style guidebook about Dubai and its well-worn streets written by its residents.

Uncommon is a series of publications, from Stockholm to Cairo, for the discovery and information of place, through the curated narratives of a community, selected by Commissioning Editors based in cities and countries of choice. It brings together an international network of writers, journalists, historians, artists, filmmakers, illustrators and photographers who share insight, knowledge and passion about the cities they call home.

Through an innovative creative direction – a hybrid guide and companion using imagery, narrative, routes and itineraries – Uncommon seeks to communicate the essence of a place, that which is felt and understood upon visiting, but seldom described.

The second edition (check out the first edition here) on Dubai, UNCOMMON DUBAI+ has now been launched. This new book indulges readers with texts, photographs, maps, routes, insights and itineraries combined to reveal the codes and constructs of Dubai, to celebrate and revere the peculiar and the everyday.

Edited by Sharmeen Inayat, an architect and researcher, UNCOMMON DUBAI+ is a sliver of quotidian and artistic reflections on spaces of change and exchange, packed with meaning and memory for individuals, communities that enrich the city and its neighboring Emirates.

Readers will take a journey through insights on the tradition of camel racing, archeological finds of crocodiles in the desert, the uncanny urban corridors of superhighways, architectural artifacts in danger of erasure, the imagined communities of barbershops, the communal traces of ad-hoc cricket pitches, and the resilience of the urban fox.

UNCOMMON embraces the connectivity between destinations and works with local editors and their network of influencers and creatives – this ensures that each edition has a stunning visual and narrative identity that reflects the distinct aesthetic and core socio-economic identity of each destination. Contributors who share their stories and experiences of Dubai and beyond through written and photographed candid and personal accounts include Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Gaar Adams, Razan Alzayan, Vikram Devecha, Lamya Gargash, Mohamed Kazem, Sally Prosser and Anna Zacharias.

Hand bound UNCOMMON DUBAI+ book is a limited-edition keepsake, intended to become part of one’s lifelong library. Priced at AED295 UNCOMMON DUBAI+ is now available to buy online HERE.


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