Credit Image: ILIA BEAUTY


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An affordable clean makeup brand with long-lasting, hydrating and highly pigmented lipsticks

There has been a revolution around skincare in 2018, with a worldwide trend for clean beauty brands such as Earth Tu Face, Tata Harper, Rahua, Indie Lee and many more.

For those who have been looking into the clean beauty makeup options, the choices still seem more limited but there is one brand that caught our attention this year. The good news is that we can actually order it online and get delivered in the UAE.

It is called ILIA BEAUTY and so far, we quite like the different products we have tried and there is only positive feedback from the clean beauty blogosphere.

The story started with Sasha, a Canadian lady who after noticing how harmful the ingredient list of some lip balms could be decided to develop more pure makeup. ILIA Beauty has grown since then and is now dedicated to creating the purest organic cosmetics possible.

Each piece is filled with 85% certified organic bio-active botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin, and is manufactured ethically and sustainably. A combination of on trend pigments and super nourishing elements has set ILIA Beauty apart from the conventional organic makeup.

In our opinion, their most thought out – and actually most popular beauty products –  certainly are their lips products range, a mix of lip satin crayons, lip tinted conditioners, lipsticks and lip exfoliators.

ILIA BEAUTY Lipcare and lipsticks range

ILIA BEAUTY lip range is highly rated because they are soft, hydrating, long lasting while offering an appealing and large colour palette. Their lip products don’t come with a high price tag as they are all priced around 105-110 AED. which is fair as it brings comfort, care and quality.  We are also quite addicted to their minimalist packaging that makes this brand recognizable.


ILIA BEAUTY Multi-stick range

Credit Image: ILIA Beauty

The second range we also value is their multi-stick collection as these are a 3 in 1. Yes, these multi-tasking cream sticks not only save valuable space in your makeup case, but they allow you to reduce your spending on makeup!

Designed to be used on lips, eyes and cheeks, they have a sheer formula – enriched with Shea Butter – so it glides on seamlessly without caking or drying out your skin. We are big fans of the colour palette, perfect for the season, ranging from a trendy coral tint to different shades between rose to mauve and aubergine. For your cheeks, they, of course, have also introduced a highlighter and illuminator that you can discover in our ILIA discovery range below.

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