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Foot Masks will give you supple and soft feet.

Living in the UAE means we are lucky enough to spend most of the year in sandals and flip flops. The downside of always being in flip flops and open sandals is that our feet need to be in perfect condition-our heels need to be looking smooth and our toes perfectly pedicured.

Foot Masks are the best in-home solution, they are effective and easy to use. If you happen to be using them for the first time then they will seem a bit weird but trust us, you will get used to it. You simply have to slip your foot inside and wait a few minutes before taking them off and you will have baby soft feet!

Here is a round-up of our favorite foot masks you won’t regret trying:

Skimono Beauty Foot Mask for Total Conditioning

Pamper tired feet with the Beauty Foot Mask for Total Conditioning (54.14 AED); an intensive treatment specifically designed for the feet created by Skimono.

The sock-like foot mask is made from naturally-derived bio-cellulose, with a three-dimensional matrix structure that has been saturated in a unique serum to maximise absorption capacity. It boasts hydrophilic properties able to retain up to 200 times its dry weight in serum with ultra-thin, tightly-woven crystallinity fibres, which closely adhere to every contour for optimum penetration.

A deeply hydrating formula balances Shea Butter and Olive Oil to provide moisturising properties, helping to soften hard skin and smooth away cracks. Extract of Tea Tree and Chamomile deliver an anti-bacterial action with an instant cooling sensation to refresh and revive aching soles.


BeautyPro Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie with Removable Toe Tip


Pamper fatigued feet with the BeautyPro Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie with Removable Toe Tip (26.96 AED); an innovative, dual-function foot mask that hydrates and nourishes feet in need.

The single-use socks simply slide onto feet, instantly delivering an anti-ageing cocktail of ingredients. Enriched with a skin-loving dose of Marine Collagen, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, the masks envelop feet in a veil of rich moisture that thoroughly nourishes skin, whilst a cooling dose of Peppermint ensures they feel refreshed.

Arriving with removable toe tips, the dual layered booties can be worn whilst painting nails, giving feet an entire pampering experience. Within twenty minutes, the treatment socks can be removed to reveal soft, youthful and supple skin that is comfortably hydrated.

Patchology Poshpeel(TM) Pedi Cure Foot Treatment

Patchology Poshpeel(TM) Pedi Cure Foot Treatment (128.45 AED) is a foot treatment that removes calluses and smoothes out rough skin on the bottom of your feet, leaving skin bright and soft.

The concentrated ingredients in the Activating Essence—an advanced AHA and BHA botanical blend—dissolve dead skin and exfoliate rough patches while botanical extracts brighten.

Open the foot masque socks by separating the outer layer from the inner cotton layer. Pour the desired amount of Activating Essence into one of the socks and evenly distribute along the inside of the cotton lining. Place your foot inside the sock and seal with attached closer. Repeat for the other foot. Wear for 60 minutes (or up to 90 minutes if greater exfoliation is desired). Remove socks. Thoroughly rinse and dry your feet.

A progressive peeling action will take place over 3-7 days.












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