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Our first visit to this henna studio was a success!

Whether you are looking for a center in the city to get your hands and feet ready and tattooed with henna in time for Eid or just need a safe and clean spot to send your out-of-town friends for a henna tattoo experience and souvenir before leaving, here is a new spot we tried out in 2018 – with a bunch of 6 girls – worth sharing.

Beautiful Henna Centre used to be located downtown in an old building and just relocated to a cozy villa in the middle of the island in Mushrif area (see location map below).

We would recommend calling (+971 2 634 39 63) and booking in advance as this center already has its regulars and might just be fully booked at peak timings.

Upon arrival, guests are sent in a very large room on the ground floor, fitting more than 10 people. Comfortably settled in your large individual sofa, you can scroll  through their design tattoo book that has plenty of drawings to choose from. Once you pick your design, a skilled designer tattoo lady will execute and duplicate the drawing onto your hands or feet in just a few minutes. So beautiful to watch!

We found the pricing to also be fair, between 30 to 50 AED for one hand or foot depending on the drawing complexity.

It can be quite fun to visit with kids and a bunch of ladies as you spend quite some time waiting for the henna tattoo to dry. Once dried, the tattoo therapist removes the dried henna and massages your hand and foot with argan oil before you leave.

Once you know this spot, you won’t look back because they tick all the boxes- quality, efficiency, good pricing and most importantly, a clean setting.

The center also proposes a large variety of other beauty services ranging from threading, waxing (including Halawa waxing!), facials, body & hair massages,  hammam/Moroccan bath and much more. Something to explore in the near future…

BEAUTIFUL HENNA CENTRE | Villa 141, Salama Bint Butti Street (Street 23) Mushrif, near Vietnamese Embassy | Tel: +971 2 634 39 63



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