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Valmont, a luxurious Swiss skincare brand makes its debut at Emirates Palace Spa

The Valmont Swiss team made its way to the UAE to introduce and give us more inside details behind this curated skincare brand that combines nature with high-quality ingredients and science. The retail brand was launched more than 35 years ago by two passionate people: Sophie and Didier Guillon who were urged by customers of the Valmont clinic for daily skincare products.

Emirates Palace now stocks some of the most renowned skincare products Valmont brand has developed, including the Collagen Mask and the Prime Renewing Pack, which are their best-sellers actually.

The Collagen Mask
If you want the skin to have an instant plump and overall boost that natural glow, go for their collagen mask. Made with pure collagen fibers, you have to apply the mask onto your cleansed face (for 20 minutes maximum) including your lips-it works like magic.
Collagen is essential to skin regeneration and is incredibly efficient in restructuring the skin and calming irritations. During this treatment, the collagen penetrates deep into the skin and helps with hydration. Just a single treatment can tremendously improve the overall appearance.
The lady at the spa who accepted to be the guinea pig noticed a tingling effect – it is normal and may last up to 72 hours- All participants could easily notice her face looked much plumped, refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Prime Renewing Pack – 50 ml
Created many decades ago, this skincare mask/cream is still a firm favorite and has some ladies around the globe totally addicted to it. We were even told about the different nicknames it has been given; the mask is often referred to as the Cinderella Cream in Russia, Happy Mask in China, Ironing Mask or Real Gem among others.
This anti-stress and fatigue-eraser mask comes in a pot (50 ml) and we enjoyed the tips by the staff about how to use it best. They gave us three different ways to use this cream and make the most of it depending on our personal needs.

We can either:
1.use it as a day cream
2. keep it in the fridge, apply a small layer onto the face for 5 minutes in the morning, massage after 5 minutes and remove the excess with cotton pads
3. apply a thick layer onto the skin to use it as a mask and leave it for 15 minutes while massaging your face every 5 minutes.

Given the harsh UAE climate, the Valmont team mentioned the best results may be obtained when leaving the cream in the fridge and applying it daily at nighttime so that the mask has the whole night to infuse into the skin.

Emirates palace Spa also stocks another line developed by Valmont called l’Elixir des Glaciers. This is another luxurious skincare brand the family-owned business developed. The skincare line is packed with ingredients including honey, royal jelly and propolis produced in Switzerland as the Valmont team works closely with a honey producer based in Switzerland.

Lastly, if you want to experience the skincare brand before getting your hands on the retail products, Valmont offers some of their most prestigious facial treatments at Emirates Spa. 

L’Elixir des Glaciers Majestic (Valmont) – 90 minutes (Valmont) AED1695*
Majestic Treatment is a very complete facial that treats the face and the décolleté for a true moment of heaven. The Majestic Treatment is a nourishing, Sculpting and Rejuvenating facial.

For more information or reservations, please call  + 971 (0) 2 690 7978 or email [email protected]

*All prices are in UAE Dirham and are inclusive of all applicable service charges, local fees and taxes.

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