Scintillia Skincare Spa in Abu Dhabi


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Psst… This really is a hidden gem in the city

It took us a moment to decide whether we would share this spot with you guys or not! Fans of Eve Lom skincare products, we order their range online till we discovered that there is a discreetly located Abu Dhabi spa that stocks the range.

If we tell you the spa is labelled as Scintillia Skincare and is in Muroor area, it won’t help as there is no website, location map on Google maps or signs on the streets. The idea really is to discover the spot by word of mouth.

So, getting curious? We were booked in to experience an Eve Lom facial along with an Oxygen Fusion treat.

Upon our arrival, we discovered the spa has two unique rooms only, which is more than enough as the spa accepts one client at a time only to make your experience more memorable.

The Eve Lom facial

Our therapist took us in the first spa room and our facial started with the application of the iconic Eve Lom cleanser that is massaged all over our face, neck and decolleté. This cleansing facial massage is quite unique and lasts much longer than a usual cleansing as it is part of Eve Lom principles to get a totally cleansed skin before moving forward.

After hydrating our lips with “Kiss mix” by Eve Lom, our therapist Mimi then layered the hot wax mask over our face – an alternative to steam developed by Eve Lom – that we just absolutely adored.

After a few minutes, the therapist removed the soft wax to process with the extraction that was done very carefully with minimal redness following the facial.

We then enjoyed an lymphatic acupressure massage with “Cream Universal” by Eve Lom all over our face, neck and decolleté.

The therapist then applied the “rescue mask” by Eve Lom which is best adapted for oily or combination skin.
While the mask was on, she gently massaged our arms and hands with oil. To help remove the mask, she added some water droplets and massaged our skin for a few minutes before removing the mask with a hot cloth.

The temperature contrast comes straight after when she applies ice cube onto our face while our eyes are covered with chamomile tea cotton pads.

This first facial lasted about an hour and we were astonished how soft our skin was after the facial. Straight after our therapist advised us we were ready to visit the second spa room to enjoy our Oxygen fusion treatment.

Eve Lom Facial in Abu Dhabi

The Oxygen Fusion Facial Treatment

What is this treat for exactly? This treatment is aimed to even out your skin tone, reducing the pigmentation or skin blemishes.

The treatment lasted ten minutes only and started with the application of a hydrating lotion to remove make up or dust traces. Once your face is clean, the therapist applies a whitening and repairing serum and then uses the oxygen fusion machine to apply oxygen on your forehead, around the eyes and on the cheeks. This was our first oxygen fusion and we were not especially at ease before starting but everything went well and you just feel a gentle air applied on your face.

Lastly, the therapist applied a leave-in mask that she encouraged us to remove after 4 hours for a maximum efficiency. This thin layer is quite invisible on your face so you can continue with your usual activities. It’s better though avoid booking this treat right before going out as you’ll need a four hours gap before you remove it and apply some make up.

These two treatments left our skin feeling glowing.  Over the course of the next few days the skin also felt a lot softer and looked brighter.

Details about this secret spa in Abu Dhabi

Scintillia Skincare Spa is located along Muroor Road, opposite the bus central station. Search for Al Rifai Chocolate boutique that you’ll see on your right driving along Muroor Road towards Corniche.
There’s parking spots available in front on the building which is convenient. Enter the Al Rifai building and head to the Mezzanine Floor.

To book your spot, just call +971 2 674 43 18. Scintillia Skincare Abu Dhabi is open 6 days a week, from 10am to 8pm (closed on Fridays).

Our package costs 850 AED. If you wish to book a treatment separately, the Eve Lom facial costs 450 AED while the Oxygen fusion facial is priced at 600AED.

Of course all the Eve Lom skincare products are available to purchase there, from the iconic cleanser (450AED), Moisturiser with SPF15 (450AED), Hydration Serum (600AED) Eye Cream (450AED) and more.

SCINTILLIA SKINCARE ABU DHABI | Murood Road, opposite Bus Central Station, next to Al Rifai Chocolates Boutique | Inside the building, Mezzanine Floor | +971 2 674 43 18

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