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Need to camouflage silver strands? Check out the latest addition by Christophe Robin

It is with no surprise that the cult French colorist, Christophe Robin has finally launched a temporary color gel for the hair. Already addicted to this range of hair products that protect color, enhance, straighten the hair, we were eager to try this new line of temporary color gels to cover the grays in between appointments at the hair salon.

Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel comes in a bottle along with black gloves and an applicator brush (toothbrush shape) to do the job at home.

It is currently available in four different shades (it is recommended to choose the shade closest to your hair color):

  • Golden Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Chesnut
  • Dark Brunette

The gel can either be applied for root touch-up or for full hair coverage. This product presents a good composition with 92% natural-origin ingredients and pure pigments; plus it doesn’t contain any oxidants or ammonia. Easy to use at home, this temporary color gel will wash out evenly over 5 to 7 shampoos in average which avoids “the vicious circle of the root-effect”.

On his website, Robin describes this range as is: “If you like your hair color, want to keep it unchanged and are afraid of the root effect spiral, this temporary color gel is the ideal solution to cover your grays freely.”

How it works

As the gel only lasts between 5 and 7 shampoos and we can only rinse the hair with water (no shampoo) after using the color gel, we first went for a silicon-free shampoo and skipped the conditioner before applying the gel.

After drying the hair with a towel and detangling with a comb, we put our black latex gloves on and started to apply the gel. Unsure how the color gel would turn out on our roots, we went for a full hair coverage for our first trial to keep it all looking even.

We started applying the gel with the toothbrush on our gray roots and then applied it directly with our fingers -covered with gloves – to cover all the strands with the gel.

We finished applying it to the whole head by massaging our hair with our fingers to evenly spread the gel and finally covered our hair with cling wrap for 40 minutes. The gel wasn’t itchy at all on our scalp and didn’t have a strong fragrance.

To rinse, we added a small amount of water and emulsified by massaging the scalp to help remove excess gel. We then continued to rinse it out thoroughly.



The result met our expectations: even, vibrant and natural hair color, close to our natural tone, and grays covered. Mission accomplished!

Our grays started to appear after 5 shampoos ( a bit sooner than expected… ) so we decided to cover them for a week with COLOR WOW powder (review here) that is perfect for a touch-up before either reapplying the temporary color gel on our roots only or visiting our hair salon.

This new affordable product (£32) is available to shop and have delivered in Abu Dhabi through Net-A-Porter. One bottle is suitable for 2 applications for mid-length hair, or several uses for touch-ups.



What we liked

  • The color gel is affordable and easy to use-we love that the gel is ready to use and we don’t have to mix any ingredients together.
  • The tool kit is complete with a toothbrush and a pair of black latex gloves.

Personal tips

  • Wear an old t-shirt to avoid damaging your clothes with stains
  • Once the gel is applied, clean your forehead with a facial cleanser to avoid any stains
  • Use these 40 minutes to do a facial mask or grab a cup of tea and watch a Netflix Marie Kondo episode.


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