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This niche boutique looks like a “semi-book library but instead of books it’s perfumes”.

Wandering inside Nation Galleria, we stumbled across a minimalist facade called THE LIBRARY that had us very intrigued.

Once inside the shop, your senses are immediately awakened as the boutique has a distinguished feel, with a black grand piano taking center stage in the shop, a mix between industrial design and laboratory flair, with rare fragrances displayed on the walls.

After doing some research, we found out that the boutique is inspired by a book library as the perfumes displayed on the shelves are organized and categorized according to their main accords.

The philosophy behind this project is quite interesting and sums up as:

What we aim is to present our idea of what we thought was lacking in experiencing perfumery. A more indulging, Intellectual, and exciting perfume boutique to help customers find the right fragrance.

It is an appealing and outside the box way to arrange the fragrances and unconsciously, some labels attracted us more than others. Each category has a name in English, is translated in Arabic, has a number and there are at least 5-10 different perfumes on display for each category.

The categories include: gourmand, fruity, tobacco, oud, powdery, earthy, green, spicy, smoky, vetiver, woody, marine and many more.

There were plenty of perfumes we were not familiar with as The Library carries indie niche brands from different countries around the world, including Italy, France, Canada, the US, the UAE to name a few.

We could recognize a few familiar labels such as Etat Libre D’Orange (France), Zenology, Tola Perfumery, Bukhoor, Lovage Dubai (UAE) but we were total newbies when it come to most labels.

Don’t hesitate to browse their Instagram page as each photo highlights a specific brand or product and the captions allow you to discover in more depth what the fragrance and brand are all about, something quite rare that we particularly appreciated. But of course, nothing compares to visiting and smelling each aroma at the boutique.

It is also a boutique to keep in mind if you want to give a memorable gift to friends or family, such as the beautiful Baruti home fragrance sprays available in large bottles (Rose, Rooibos honey, Oud, Bukhoor or Gardenia) or skincare products by Teaology.

We also discovered for the first time in Abu Dhabi, the Dubai-based label HASH, producing shower gels and qahwa scrubs in delightful packagings with cool labels: Celebrity Blend, Koko Blend, Secret Blend or the latest release called Better Than Your Unicorn.

The library also proposes a specialty coffee corner inside the boutique with varied options including Syphon, Chemex, VGO, Cortado, Cold Brew or Piccolo.

THE LIBRARY | Nation Galleria, Abu Dhabi

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