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Get a detox from depressing news and instead look up posts to lift your mood during these unprecedented times

Do you feel like we are living in a sci-fi movie since the Covid19 outbreak? You aren’t alone, most of us around the world are currently feeling this way-even though there will be an end to it (and hopefully a happy one).

There is no easy answer on how to improve our psychological state during these times, however choosing to reduce the amount of overwhelming bad news we read and watch every day and picking the positive one instead will surely help.
To learn to cope with the unknown, sometimes making light of hard times is solace. Act of kindness worldwide, solidarity between people and reasons for laughing are still present, so let’s focus on them.

Here is a roundup of positive press coverage, inspirational quotes and light hearted social media posts that will make you smile and live in the now. Some sources of laugh and triviality, to lift your mood and make light of gloomy times.

Bookmark these two websites that report all the positive news, act of kindness that happen all around the world.



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Read positive quotes

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Check out funny Instagram and Tiktok accounts

Humour is a universal uplifting language.
Below are some posts on social media that made us laugh lately.

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@benazelartNow I look like an astronaut😂♬ Coronavirus – Imarkkeyz

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