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Make your outdoor space cozy by immediately buying these weatherproof lamps that are affordable and look great also!

When the cooler weather arrives in Dubai all we only want to do is spend time outdoors. We are lucky in Dubai to have an outdoor space with both villas and apartments. The key to make the outdoor space cozy and comfortable is good lighting.

Since we always struggle to find lamps that suit our taste and budget, we have specially curated a selection of outdoor lamps that not only look great but are more importantly affordable and weatherproof!

Our selection is practical, lightweight and appealing-everyone will want to know where you bought them from.

From lighting up your poolside, porch or balcony, these lamps are exactly what you need.

Browse our collection and order them straight to your doorstep.


The Velas light-up candles are revolutionary and will give an edge to the most modest of spaces. Real wax candles (which even have a candle scent) are equipped with LEDs replacing the flame, giving them eternal lifespan.

The candles can be turned on and off by use of a multi-functional remote control. You can put the candles in small corners or then across your pool, to give the space that cozy Danish vibe, otherwise known as Hygge.


Tomas Portable lamp

Shop Tomas lamp HERE


Tomas is an amazing wireless lamp that is both practical and hard-wearing. It’s modern classic design would enhance any outdoor space and give it an edge.

There are 16 different colors available (LED red, green and blue and more) to give a different atmosphere or add some color for the outdoor party time at home.




Balad Lamp Height 25 cm – 320 AED | Click HERE to shop me

The Balad lamp is a fun, accessible and colourful product. It is a modern, connected item, a crisp decorative object, with a rounded form. It is all about the bare essentials, and is a sure-fire hit in terms of look and price.

Its rechargeable LED technology makes it more economical, greener, quicker to start up, does not get hot and has a much greater lifespan. We love keeping it close to the BBQ pit for that added light when cooking up a storm!

Fermob balad lamp

Balad Lamp height 38cm | Shop me HERE

The Balad Lamp exists in two different sizes (height of 25cm and 38 cm). They pair ideally with one another and there is an amazing range of colors including Carrot, Verbena, Aubergine, Storm Grey, Nutmeg, Fuschia that will definitely jazz up your garden.


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