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The lamp people love at first sight

It is quite incredible to see the Vertigo lamp become an iconic design object in just a few years.

We felt we just had to tell you more about this lamp because of its cult status. The Vertigo lamp was designed in 2010 by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture, a French label specialized in design objects, lamps and furniture.

Since its creation, this lamp has been regularly featured in decor magazines and you can now find it in many hotspots around the globe.

Why is the lamp so special?

Vertigo is, in the words of its designer Constance Guisset, a “den lamp”.  People are usually amazed by its ultra light fibreglass structure stretched with velvety polyurethane ribbons.

When lit, the pendant lamp projects a shadowy pattern on the surrounding walls. Thanks to its very light weight – less than 500grams for an expanded surface of 2 square meters-the lamp looks as if it comes to life swaying in the soft air currents surrounding it while the shadows move along the walls.

The curves of the lamp evoke the elegant Art Deco style and Vertigo wraps around us, reducing space to an intimate atmosphere. Whether mixed in a vintage or design decor, this statement lamp fits right in and adds a magic touch in any room (over a long communal dining table, in a kid’s room or other places around the house).

The behind the scenes of the lamp creation process

Designed in France by Constance Guisset, this piece utilises modern processes to create its weightless hang. From the prototype -the designer came up with when she still was a student- to the commercialization of the lamp, it actually took some time as the designer struggled to find a brand who would believe in her project and accept to commercialize it.

Why? At the beginning, brands were afraid it would be too complicated to fold and unfold the lamp. Petite Friture immediately believed in the project and worked closely with the designer to solve this problem (video here). They had a unique idea on how to unfold the lamp, and wanted it to open totally on its own  (similar to those tents you throw and they open on their own).

Believe it or not, it actually worked out as you may see on the YouTube video below published by Petite Friture. We just adore the way the lamp pops up when pulling out of the box.

Where to find this iconic lamp?

As we are amongst the early lovers of this iconic suspension, we now sell this beauty on our eshop. The lamp is available in 2 sizes – small (140cm diameter) and large (200cm diameter) and it is available in varied colors (black, copper, white, dark green, light pink and light blue).



For the fifth anniversary of the lamp, 2 new colors were added : light pink and light blue in both sizes.

You think you saw this lamp somewhere in the UAE?

Yes, actually Gerard Darel fashion store at Yas Mall chose this pendant lamp to create a unique decor; so has this French boutique Catimini for kids located at the Galleria Mall in Dubai.

All information to shop this lamp and get details about size variants and colors are available below.

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