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The Australian Walkabout transports visitors to the depth of the Australian outback.

The Green Planet, the region’s first and only glass-bio dome is excited to announce the launch of a thrilling Australian animal experience, promising to take visitors on a journey to the ‘Land Down Under’ through a fascinating multi-species exhibit.

The Green Planet in City Walk will be welcoming visitors with a friendly “G’Day Mate” following the launch of The Australian Walkabout which opened on Friday 29th March. From the frightening and misunderstood to the cute and cuddly, the indoor rainforest invites guests to uncover the secrets of Australia’s wildlife at the impressive walkabout which will take over the newly-renovated level of the facility.

Curious about the difference between kangaroos and wallabies? Frightened by Australia’s snakes and spiders? Heard about the exotic frill-neck lizard but have never seen one? The Australian Walkabout is all about weird and wonderful experiences and up close and personal encounters with some of Australia’s most famous creatures.

Boasting a truly unique design, The Australian Walkabout transports visitors to the depth of the Australian outback, all the way from the lush tropics to the mountains and the red desert. The walkabout showcases the vast array of ecosystems boasted by this fascinating continent – offering guests the opportunity to explore abandoned campsites, red sand exhibits, abandoned planes and glorious Australian landmarks as they get to know a range of impressive Australian wildlife, many the first of their kind in the region.

H.E. Arthur Spyrou, Australian Ambassador to the UAE said: “We are delighted that The Green Planet is bringing Australia’s unique and exciting wildlife to the UAE, so people can go on an Australian Walkabout and get their first glimpse of these amazing creatures in the region. The Green Planet will also open an opportunity to learn about Australia’s diverse environments and climates and to find out why Australia is considered one of the few “mega-biodiverse” countries in the world. Now the UAE really is a home away from home for the 20,000 Australians living here!”


Meet the wildlife of The Australian Walkabout:

Goanna Lizard

Venture into the Australian outback where nature has taken over the environment. Here guests can explore an abandoned plane that is now home to the Goanna, the largest lizards in Australia that can grow up to 2.1 metres. Guests are able to adventure inside the plane and capture the perfect photo with the large goanna lizard, which is likely to be found on the plane’s fuselage, or in the central water feature.

Lizards & Turtles

Over at the lizard and turtle exhibit, which is reminiscent of Australians famous landmark Uluru, visitors will be able to witness the weird and wonderful bearded dragon, frill-necked lizard, blue-tongue skink and snake-neck turtles. Complete with an abandoned campsite, a large water feature and plenty of red sand, overgrown grass and rockwork, the exhibit presents the perfect home for these fascinating creatures.


Head over to the walkabout’s largest exhibit to find the gorgeous big-footed marsupials and relatives of Australia’s iconic kangaroos – the wallabies. Close enough to touch, wallabies can be found wandering amongst the cave and trees of this special exhibit, where visitors will also be able to get to know Australia’s famous birds, including major Mitchell’s cockatoos, laughing kookaburras and a palm cockatoo.

Australian Carpet Python

Australia, famous for its slithering reptiles, is home to 11 out of 15 of the world’s most poisonous snakes. This exhibit gives guests the chance to see one of the most famous breeds up close and personal. The famous Australian Carpet Python can be found in an abandoned workshop, slithering amongst broken shelves, tools and a ceramic sink basin – look, but don’t touch!

In addition to the above, The Australian Walkabout will also boast multiple species of grass parakeets, cockatiels, and smaller Australian parakeets, the notorious redback spider and an army of white’s tree frogs.

Ticket prices start from just AED 89 online and AED 99 at the gate, which also admits full day admission to see the other wonders of The Green Planet family. The unique indoor rainforest boasts over 3,000 different species of plants and animals, including memorable animal encounters with some of the rarest creatures on earth, including: a sloth encounter and a sugar glider encounter, which can be purchased at an additional charge. Alternatively, guests can venture inside the bat cave, say hello to The Green Planet’s newest member, ‘Lonely Loris’ or witness the feeding frenzy of over 1,000 piranhas.

Australia – a land famous for vegemite, Bondi Beach and the vast outback is also well-known for its unique wildlife and The Green Planet is the only place in the region to experience its beauty first-hand. Want to know a little secret? The Aussies clan is not yet complete. Keep your eyes peeled for the next iconic guests to enter The Australian Walkabout.

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