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Wondering what CRYO is all about? Let us share how it went for us

Some of you may have already heard about the CRYO centre located in Abu Dhabi. This modern independent building – located inside the complex of Abu Dhabi Country Club – opened its doors four years ago.  In that time they have already built a loyal customer base. While athletes like this technique to recover from local injuries, some customers choose CRYO to get a natural boost, and others integrate it in a weight loss plan to help burn calories.

Using cold temperatures to treat physical disorders or improve the overall physical state.  It has also become quite trendy and definitely had us curious! We decided to put aside our fears and give it a try and are now able to share our first impressions about this technology.

CRYO center in Abu Dhabi booked us in for a CRYO combo which is actually a great choice for newbies as it gives a first general overview of how CRYO works on both your body and face.

The first question we all have is: how does it work?

Upon arrival, we were first asked to fill in a long questionnaire to make sure this kind of treatment was suitable for our health and fitness history. After checking there were no contra-indication and after measuring that our blood pressure was fine, our technician took us to a changing room and explained to us how to dress before we headed to the body Cryo chamber room.

After removing all our jewels, including our earrings, she gave us the choice to either keep our own undergarments on or then opt for the disposable ones they have available. The disposables also included long socks, shoes, gloves for the hands and a headband to protect the ears. Wrapped in a warm bathrobe, we were ready to experience the whole body Cryo room.

We appreciated that the lady assisting us was very supportive and kept reassuring us the entire time. Before heading inside the chamber (without the bathrobe of course), she suggested we leave the front window of the chamber half open in case we were claustrophobic (which we highly appreciated). She stayed the entire three minutes in the room, keeping close eye contact and dialogue to make sure we were all fine at any single moment.

Our experience inside the chamber

As it was our very first trial, the chamber gets to minus 110 degrees (minus 120 degrees at our second visit and usually minus 140 Degrees for regular users). So we stood inside the chamber during the three minutes with a disposable mask on our face to protect our lips.

Our personal reaction to the intensely cold temperature exposure was to start to jog – which we absolutely never do in normal life – to keep our legs active while we kept on moving our upper body and arms. At the end of the three minutes, we felt our legs quite compact –just like after skiing for a whole day in negative temperatures– while our upper body was less affected by the cold.

Right after exiting the chamber, we headed for our glow facial for a ten minutes treat, glad to get our bathrobe back on.

The immediate combination of both treatments was nice as lying down on a bed, with our robe and a towel tightly wrapped around, we could feel our body slowly warming up and definitely appreciated that body healing and relaxed sensations.

During the ten minutes, the therapist applied a cold breeze (minus 188 degrees) onto our face, from our forehead to the eyes, cheeks, and chin. This treatment is supposed to have many natural benefits, such as stimulating the blood circulation, shrinking the pores, activating the collagen production and helping reduce fine lines after repeated sessions.

After this 10 minutes cold face massaging, we could feel we had a natural rose tint and felt like our face was more tight and refreshed.

What were our personal benefits after this first ‘chilly’ experience?

We can now better understand why people who are tired or stressed may go for such a body treatment as we actually felt totally energized for the next couple of hours, with a positive mood as if we just had good news or done a revitalizing workout. Some say it is a body reset and we understand that now. We also noticed we built up an appetite after and that is certainly linked to the burned calories (up to 600-800 per session).

As mentioned by the manager of the center, we actually felt the ‘wake up call’ right after and an increased tiredness in the evening and slept extremely well, as if our body and mind needed and deserved a good and restorative night of sleep.

Now that we have done this very first step, we feel like it is a treatment we would definitely consider again to get a special boost, get an extra push while on a diet – along with healthy eating and regular workouts – and also to reduce body inflammation when having painful joints. Their localized and targeted treatments are known to boost an anti-inflammatory chemical called norepinephrine and can help recover faster and reduce pain.

The CRYO Pricing

The Abu Dhabi center just launched new packages that you can browse online here. You can either buy one credit for a treatment or a package of credit (5, 10 or more) usable for a variety of body or facial treatments that represent one to 3 credits. One credit cost 350AED and allow yourself to enjoy these treatments: CRYO Body, CRYO Localized, CRYO Glow Facial and CRYO Press.

We were invited by CRYO Abu Dhabi for this introduction experience and all these views are ours.

The center is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm from Sunday to Wednesday and from 12pm to 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

CRYO Abu Dhabi | Abu Dhabi Country Club | + 971 50 404 1022 | Website

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