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This new facial will treat all problems relating to the eye and lip contours, treating dark circles and eyebags, smile lines and even lashes and brows

2018 has just started and though we adopted a bunch of good resolutions (healthy diet with our favorite partner in the city GREEN CENTRAL), regular visits to the gym bouncing or sweating to stay fit, we must be realistic… we won’t be able to avoid celebrating another birthday.

Faced with this situation, we decided to add one more resolution in our basket: taking care of our face, especially of our expression lines and wrinkles that have started to appear around our eyes and lips.

Scrolling the spa menu at Tips and Toes, we found that they had just launched the exact treatment we needed.  It is called The new Expression Ritual Care and it uses a French skincare label ANESI, a brand they have just started working with.

So if you have one hour free for some self-care and want to test this new facial, here is what awaits you.
In almost an hour (55 minutes), your therapist will refresh you by focusing mainly on your lips, lip contours, expression lines and eyes.  We promise this unique facial is worth the 420 AED price.

A deeper look at how this facial works

After removing our make up with a deeper focus on our eyes and lips, our therapist Marichu – at Tips and Toes Khalifa City A – went on with applying a Gommage cream and regularly checked our sensitivity to the cream – as it may tingle from a customer to another. In our case, as the itchiness was totally manageable, she left the cream gommage for almost 15 minutes and massaged our scalp during that time. Before removing the gommage, we enjoyed the way she gently massaged our eyes, lips, lip contours and our chin.

After this exfoliation phase, she applied a refreshing lotion onto our face which was a toner and followed with the correctional phase. She therefore applied a serum onto our lips, lips contour, expression lines and around our eye bags and massaged deeply each of these different zones for 15 minutes or so until our skin would totally absorb the serum.

Our favorite part was the peel-off mask covering our eyes and our lips. As it takes around 15 minutes for the mask to turn into a solid texture and be removed, Marichu looked after our shoulders, upper back and upper arms with a dry massage. She even had time to massage our hands and hydrating them with a nourishing cream.

Once our mask was peeled-off, she applied toner all over our face and topped it with a sun block. To maximize the efficiency of our treatment, she went on adding a moisturizing cream around our eyes, expression lines, lips and lip contours in order for the treatment to absorb totally inside our skin.

Lastly, with our eyes closed, Marichu used an eyelash serum. It is meant to have make the eyelashes thicker and stronger.

What is also interesting is you are encouraged to go home with the leftovers of the individual skincare products the therapist applied and use them on a daily basis.

To really make the difference, our therapist mentioned it is ideal to visit the spa and do this treatment on a weekly basis during the first month and carry on with a monthly visit as part of our facial spa routine.

To conclude, we could feel after this facial that our eyes and lips were looking much more relaxed and less tired which is exactly what we came for! It was quite rewarding to experience a different facial focusing on some specific zones of our face only and made them feel like ‘We really deserved this!’.

This facial is called “Expression Care Ritual”. It lasts 55 minutes and costs 420AED.

The other new services Tips and Toes released using ANESI Skincare

The new services include six facials that focus on anti-ageing, detox moisturising, peeling, tightening, soothing and repairing and two Body Treatments for toning, firming & reducing cellulite. The Dubai Confidential team just reviewed the Cellulite (review here).

For more information about each of these services, check out the ANESI spa menu here.


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