Antigravity Yoga at YogaOne Abu Dhabi


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Have you tried Antigravity yoga yet?

We’ve found a new yoga class that will get you swinging form the ceiling! Yes, we tried out Antigravity Yoga at YogaOne studio and we loved it!

The room holds eight hammocks, meaning space is limited and you need to book early.  The hammocks are made from silk and can hold 1000 kilograms.

Once you’ve found your hammock (choose the one that calls out to you the most) you spend a few minutes with the instructor measuring it to the optimum length to make the hammock comfortable and to ensure there is enough tension to make the workout effective.

We took the fundamentals class which we would suggest anyone starting out to do first, as the instructor explains the different yoga poses using the hammock and takes the class at a much slower pace.

Performing the yoga poses with the hammock is no mean feat and really relied on engaging our core, so we could swing, hang upside down, and be able to perform poses confidently. The reward is at the end, when you can cocoon yourself in the hammock for the cool down.

Antigravity yoga focuses on decompressing the spine and aligning the body.  You can fine tune your body through these exercises that challenge the law of physics.  No matter your body type, it’s worth giving it a go!

Single Class | 80 AED
5 pack – 2 months | 375 AED
10Pack – 3 months | 715 AED


YOGAONE | www.yogaone.ae


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