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Wondering why we had to wait for so long before having an alternative to plastic straws?

Recently we have seen the rise of alarming articles about the massive consumption of a very basic plastic item we have all used for years without paying enough attention to our habits. Yes, using a plastic straw seems like an inoffensive gesture while sipping a coffee or a drink; it takes us five or ten minutes to use it but we forget it then takes 200 years to decompose once thrown away. Numbers are even more mind-boggling at a global scale as studies mention that 500 million straws used in the US every day and this basic tool is used worldwide!

So, if just like us you have stopped getting plastic straws at home, then we found a few alternatives worth mentioning.

Apart from the disposable paper straws now available on the market, we have also noticed the rising trend of steel straws that we can now purchase in the UAE. Usually sold as a set, with their cleaning brush, they exist in copper, silver colours and more. Investing in a dozen will keep you covered for the next decade without harming the environment.

Another alternative is to use Bucatini pasta which have the straw shape and do the job perfectly. Royal Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi uses them at their Friday brunch and it is a practical and fun way to sip your beverage!

We are convinced these daily small gestures can really make a big difference in the end! 


In just a year, there now are easy ways to get our hands on these packs of reusable straws – stainless, glass, bamboo- which can be ordered online at Namshi, Mumzworld or Amazon to name just a few, with prices starting from 29 AED.


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