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Al Ain Oasis has been opened as the UAE’s first curated UNESCO World Heritage site visitor experience.

Looking to plan a day outing out of the city?  The Al Ain Oasis should be on top of your list of places to visit with friends and family.  Recently opened to the public as part of the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, it provides an enhanced and culturally enriched experience like no other in the country.

The Cultural Sites of Al Ain were the first property in the UAE to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The property is comprised of four assemblages: the Bronze-Age Hafit Tombs, the archaeological settlements at Hili, the prehistoric vestiges at Bidaa Bint Saud, and the six lush oases of Al Ain, including Al Ain Oasis.

Situated in the heart of the ancient city, Al Ain Oasis is the largest oasis in Al Ain. It is one of the world’s oldest permanently inhabited settlements that dates back to more than 2,000 years. It covers over 1,200 hectares and contains more than 147,000 date palm trees, of up to 100 different varieties. Adjacent to Al Ain National Museum to the East and Al Ain Palace Museum to the West, the oasis is known for its unique aflaj irrigation system of narrow waterways that convey fresh spring water from the nearby Hajjar Mountains, to nurture the date farms.

Through the interactive experience of the falaj network in the Miniature Oasis and viewing the three-tiered agricultural landscape of groves, ground crops and orchards in the Oasis Garden, visitors will be able to understand the self-sufficient ingenuity of the local community to overcome the harsh conditions of the surrounding desert climate.

The Eco-Centre provides a fully immersive experience with didactic installations and educational games, sharing the story of the genesis of the desert oasis and the life of Al Ain Oasis which has been declared universally important by UNESCO.

You can also relax at the food outlets and also pick up local products.  A must-visit, you will learn, observe and interact while engaging with the site.

Al Ain oasis is open daily from 9am to 6pm, with the restaurants, cafes and shops remaining open until 9pm.

For further details check the website.

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