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Plenty of new food options to check out in this local Sharjah neighborhood

Next time you head to Sharjah and want to explore a new neighborhood then head on over to University City Sharjah.

Although we recently went there to enjoy dessert at Paper fig Desserts, we ended up scouring the entire area and discovered plenty of other options too.

Check out our recent discoveries….

Paper Fig Dessert

This small and cozy cafe with cute decor is a delightful spot serving a plethora of delicious desserts. Their French Toast is probably the most popular dish with the date pudding topped with caramel is next in line. Although it is located in one of the busiest parts of town, they offer designated parking for the customers. Swing by for some indulgent sweet treats and freshly brewed coffee.

Daily Opening: 8am – 11pm (until 12am on Thursday and Friday)
Tel: 6005 60601
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ wBS9dm4vefo

‎مرحباً ها قد حل علينا شهر يناير من جديد! حاملاً معه ذكريات كثيرة أهمها عيد الميلاد الثاني لبيبر فيغ! لا يسعنا الانتظار لنحتفل معكم بعام آخر من النجاحات. هل لديكم أي أفكار لعيد ميلادنا؟ . . Yes, it's Hello January and it only means one thing – Paper Fig's Birthday is coming and we are turning 2 years. We can't wait to celebrate another year of awesome and of course you will be a part of it. What do you have in mind for our next birthday? . . #iLovePaperFig #PaperFigDesserts #architecture #reclaimedwood #sharjah #dubai #uae #bespokedesigns #mydubai #uaelife #weareturning2 #countdownbegins #birthdaycomingup

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Zawaya cafe

A pleasant cafe where you can stop for a brief break to grab a sandwich at the counter along with a latte.We liked the minimal decor that included concrete walls and light wood furniture.

Open : 7am-10pm daily except on Friday 1pm-10pm
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ VuzYiTjxDBE2


Hoof Cafe

If you are wondering why this cafe is called Hoof, just step in and you’ll get the answer straight away.
The decor is quite unusual but cozy and interesting; wooden horse stable dividers allow to separate the cafe into different private booths. There are a lot of horse-oriented decorations on the walls such as saddle horse, stirrup, riding hips and more…

Dedicated to Coffee
Soft opening 10am – 9pm



To be honest we did notice their lovely facade and after checking their Instagram account, it is on our list for our next trip there.
The Insta bio mentions that this spot is about  “A culinary trend shared through diverse arrays of dishes from Mediterranean cuisines”.

Open daily : 9 am – 12 am
Tel : 06 527 2000

Map: goo.gl/maps/w1gFsX1Gsk32


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Labenah and Zaatar

And if you just want a quick and cheap bite or you are on a budget, go taste a simple and tasty zaatar manakeesh with raw vegetables on top – cucumbers, tomatoes, onions.  Priced at 8 aed only, it was cooked in front of us we enjoyed every single bite, straight from the oven.

Open daily: 7am -2am
Tel: 06 574 1110
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ kysLNunSWNJ2


Storie Cafe

Opening soon, this spot will be a coffee library.

Tel: 06 545 1111
Open: daily 7.30am – 11.30pm
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ wKkkBvXSzN32


NATTAS Sharjah

We can’t help but are always raving for Portuguese egg tarts also called Pasteis de Nata and if you are just like us, Nattas, a bakery, cafe and restaurant has an outlet in this Sharjah district. The floor tiles and typical facade – old fashioned veranda with an Art Deco style has us hooked.

From Portugal with Love
Open daily: 11am-MidnightTel:06 5511122
Map: goo.gl/maps/qgbMFM2j6iS2

More details soon 🍴#Nattasworld #NattasSharjah #Sharjah #openingsoon

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A futuristic facade you cannot miss, Zushi describes themselves as ‘the first contemporary sushi restaurant in Sharjah.’
Open daily: 12.00pm – 1.00am
Tel: 06563322
Map: goo.gl/maps/OBynL


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