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This is already the 8th edition!

You can ask any French expat in the UAE and they will all tell you how popular the ‘Fêtes des Lumières” (Light Festival) organized each year in Lyon is.

Following this world famous Light Festival, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority has started their own innovative and unifying concept of the Sharjah Light Festival, a few years ago.

By inviting artists from around the world, the festival gives Sharjah a cultural influence of international reach, while supporting the local creation.

Credit Image : Sharjah Light Festival

Credit Image: Sharjah Light Festival

The principle is there are a lot of different light shows organized on many different landmarks in Sharjah every evening between the 7th and 17th of February 2018.

We highly encourage you to check the dedicated website that features the different shows, timings, artists behind each show, with images and videos.

If you come from Dubai or Abu Dhabi for just a night, grab a pen and a notebook and start preparing your journey by car to watch the maximum of shows during the evening.

Sunrise | University City Hall                                                                                                  Credit Image : Sharjah Light Festival

Here are some of the shows we highlighted this year but there are many more on the website.


A House In The Sea Under The Moonside | Masjid Al Noor                                           Credit Image : Sharjah Light Festival

As the moon rises, revealing geometrical universes in water, so too do Cindy Lo’s vivid brush strokes perform a slow dance on Masjid Al Noor. Abstract paintings, collages, and mixed media interact with details of this architectural gem.

Location: One of Sharjah’s most beautiful mosques, Masjid Al Noor invites the public to appreciate its Ottoman-style architecture.
Artist: Cindy Lo is a multidisciplinary Cambodian artist fascinated by the connection between ancestral cosmogony and contemporary cosmology.

Sun-Thur: 18:00-23:00
Fri-Sat : 18:00-00:00


A-Maze-in | Palm Oasis                               Credit Image : Sharjah Light Festival

Witness this natural show where vegetable and animal kingdoms come together in a captivating world. A realm in which the artists imagine that the butterflies escape from Al Noor Island in search of a new playground: a maze in Palm Oasis. Experience this interactive installation through an illuminated maze with 14 different entrances.

Location: Located next to Al Noor Masjid, Palm Oasis is a relaxing and quaint garden surrounded by countless palm trees.
Artist: Nomada Design Team – The creative crew is composed of light artists, lighting designers and engineers who have been active in the field of light art since the 1990s.

Sun-Thur: 18:00-23:00
Fri-Sat : 18:00-00:00


Abstract | Heart of Sharjah
Credit Image: Sharjah Light Festival

Collectif Coin imagines a new performative device: ‘Abstract,’a 100-pixel matrix in which every pixel can move over its vertical axis between the ground and a 5m height. Movement, sound and light interweave in the show, transforming the urban landscape with dancing light pixels that create an illusion of travelling through time.

Location: The oldest area in Sharjah City, the Heart of Sharjah is a cultural preservation project featuring heritage houses, souks and key museums.
Artist: Collectif Coin – An art lab based in France, Collectif Coin focuses on the production of both monumental shows and intimist installations.

Sun-Thur: 18:00-23:00
Fri-Sat : 18:00-00:00


This event is part of the “French-Emirati Cultural Dialogue” organized jointly by the Emirati Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and the French Ministry of Culture.


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