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Watch and learn these easy beauty hacks by the Queen of DIY, Farah Dhukai.

Farah Dhukai is the ultimate DIY beauty guru and her official Instagram account (@farahdhukai) has over 5 million followers. Her short videos use items from the kitchen pantry to grow her hair, get rid of acne, cure chapped lips and so much more. We are truly obsessed and can’t stop watching.

Below we have a round-up of our top 3 videos by Farah Dhukai.

How To Heal Acne Scars:

?HEAL SCARS, FADE DARK SPOTS + DARK CIRCLES! ?my skin has been looking ROUGH asf..dark circles + hella dry skin once the szn starts changing. NOT ONLY that i have burn marks on my face from a DIY GONE WRONG. yes. DIYS can go wrong-just cuz sumthing is natural doesnt mean its meant for your face?☕️ sum DIYS look cool + go viral on the gram, but there are dangers associated with them + im living proof as to y u should do a test patch 1st + y u shud educate urself on whats best for YOU #knowledgeispower. COOL doesn't always = safe. I kno sum1 will ask – why do I do so many diff diys? cuz I love them, theyre a part of me. I grew up with them and I love giving you guys options. ?Skincare isn't a 1 hit wonder kinda thing. Ppl have diff skin and diff stuff works for diff ppl so I like to provide as much info as I can. If I can help 1 person with a diy you have no idea how much joy it gives me ?ANYWAYS – i have very sensitive skin and it burns/gets aggrivated easily so when i do have a fail THIS is what i use to help fade dark marks left behind and heal the mess. All you need is: ?CACTUS – it's spiky + rough on the outside but this is where inner beauty shines + why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover ? (the prickly pear edible cactus not one you find in a desert) Cut it in half and scrape the inside – it's sticky Apply sticky cactus juice to ur clean skin Rub it in + let it dry completely Wash off in morning WHY YOU NEED CACTUS IN YOUR LIFE: -gives INSTANT hydration-hydrated skin = wrinkle free skin – if you love aloe vera then this is aloe on steroids -absorbs quickly and non greasy -for ALL SKINTYPES – even sensitive! its soothing and calms inflammation -tightens pores from essential fatty acids -high in VITAMIN K which will brighten skin, lighten dark spots and dark circles – this will lighten the darkness more than anything youve ever tried!!! -prevents wrinkles – makes your skin plump, increases cell renewal (which is why my scars and spots went away so fast) -doesnt clog pores (shoutout to the linoleic and oleic acid for that) -contains super antioxidants which make it anti-aging Disclaimer: Test patch first. Sharing is caring fam ??❤️

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How To Get Glowing Skin:

?GLOWING SKIN PEEL? is yo skin dull? dry? textured? peeling? acne? wrinkles? Like mine ?? then dis is the one mask I use that does EVERYTHING. Dis FRUIT ENZYME PEEL is dope cuz it gently peels + reveal perfect looking skin! This mask will make yo skin look naturally airbrushed!! U NEED: ✅Pumpkin Puree – 1 cup ✅UNRIPE papaya (no seeds) – 1 cup ✅1 EGG store leftovers in fridge ?Blend until smooth +creamy..chunky = wasteful + hard to apply ?Apply to clean face -AVOID EYE AND LIP AREA! ⏰Leave on: 7-20 min-depends on your skin – this is an acid peel so it tingles and gets slightly warm ?Wipe off with damp washcloth – I use microfibre ??DO DIS ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS IF YOUR SKIN ISNT SENSITIVE ??DO DIS ONCE A MONTH IF YOUR SKIN IS SENSITIVE ?*best to do dis before bed* Wake up with: GLOWING JUICY ACNE and DARK SPOT FREE skin. Itll be even, no discoloration, no dark spots + smoothen wrinkles, itll hydrate.. list GOES ON! *this will kill the acne seed and prevent it from getting any bigger, so the next day your acne will be flattened and cuz this is a peel itll make sure that acne doesnt scar or leave a dark mark. The redness and acne mark will take a day or two to go away. Nothing worth doing happens overnight (most of da time) WHY YOU NEED TO DO DIS: Pumpkin- full of B vitamins – niacin for treating acne, improve circulation, increase cell renewal to reveal beautiful skin, contains zinc which is IMPORTANT to maintain collagen (forever young skin) HIGH in antioxidants and vitamin C – amazing for fighting wrinkles + keep skin young, juicy + glowy Papaya- lightens dark spots +discoloration to give you even skin tone, high in vitamin A -heals dry skin, makes aging skin look young contains an enzyme called PAPAIN-KEY to lightening skin (discoloration) anti aging and exfoliating – also stops facial hair growth, repairs damaged skin Egg- binding agent, softens skin, helps with pores and oiliness Avoid sun exposure after doing this. 1 TIME ENZYME PEEL AT SPA: $115+ BUY THIS MASK FROM A COMPANY: $35+ DIY PEEL COST: $9 with MULTI time use. Save dem dolla dolla billz yall. ❤️Sharing is caring tag a friend in need ?? + like dis vid fam! Disclaimer: always test patch 1st.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles:

?GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES PERMANENTLY? ?do you have: DARK CIRCLES? PUFFY undereye? Wrinkles? then try these DIY eye patches- which will not only remove puffiness, but itll get rid of wrinkles over time and lighten up those dark Chanel circles.. HOW? more on that later. A few mins to make this DIY will save you big $$$$$ on eye creams + eye patches ?? ?to make the EYE PATCHES: ✅Boil 1/2 CUP WATER with CHAMOMILE Tea ✅add 1TSP of AGAR AGAR to thicken ✅WHISK until smooth ✅spread flat onto wax paper and let cool cut horseshoe eyepatch shapes ?to make the EYE SERUM: ✅1/2 TSP VITAMIN E ✅5 EVENING PRIMROSE OIL Pills ✅Mix together ?Apply the eye serum to the eye patches and sandwich them in pairs for both your eyes ❄️REFRIGERATE UNTIL USE – the COLD patches will reduce puffiness ?Apply to your undereye for 10-15 mins before bed ?Pat in left over eye serum ?WHY THIS WORKS!? ?CHAMOMILE tea NATURALLY BLEACHES dark circles to lighten and brighten the under eye -it is also anti-inflammitory so it will help with the puffiness ?VITAMIN E is extremely moisturizing, anti-aging, restores collagen, anti-oxidant and fades discolouration! ??EVENING PRIMROSE OIL is the secret to anti-aging! it is used in many expensive eye creams because its great for reducing wrinkles, dark circles and any under eye concern you may have because its HIGH in fatty acids so it keeps the under eye youthful. Prevents dark circles, and makes your skin more tight and firm. SHARING IS CARING + GIVE THIS VIDEO A LIKE! Help a sistaaa outttt ☺️☺️ Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone's skin is different, so result can vary from person to person. I can not vouch for any substitute ingredients. This post is provided for information and educational purposes. It is not designed or intended to constitute medical advice. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

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