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Our fave deli and supermarket right now !

We haven’t been very excited to do groceries till we discovered this gourmet grocer in town.  Our latest find is called Wheatfields that opened its doors on the 30th of September 2017, inside Al Rayanna Compound in Khalifa City A.

This new supermarket has us hooked because of its cosy cafe inside, a large bakery corner, an appetizing deli counter, a pastry shop, green plants hanging from the ceilings, fresh and vegetables corner, many new brands to discover and much more…

The Cafe
Grabbing a coffee at the cafe counter is our first stop before we browse the aisles and fill up our grocery cart.

The Gourmet Deli Counter
It’s most probably the nicest deli now open in town as it serves plenty of healthy salads : cauliflower couscous with curry, kale with almonds and cranberries, daal freshly prepared, quinoa with peppers and apricots, frittata with either mushroom or zucchini, lasagna, burrito prepared with bacon and eggs.
They also prepare daily smoothies that are organic, paleo, vegan and sugar free and also 100% organic pressed juices ranging with fruits and veggies, yogurt parfait and a few other healthy items.

If you are not in a hurry, you can also order these dishes to eat at the cafe side as they also have a few tables.

We already visited and ordered some of the different salads and can safely say they were tasty. It is a great spot to have in mind for day when you want to eat healthy but don’t have time to cook.



The Pastry shop
We haven’t tasted them yet but the supermarket carries a lot of French pastries prepared by L’Artisan Gourmand : French Eclairs, Paris-Brest, muffins and other sweet treats.

You feel like visiting an airport boutique…
With trendy cactus and green plants displayed in a corner for sale, Harrod’s bags to purchase, many appealing new brands for sweets, cakes, toothpastes… you actually forget you visit a supermarket and feel like discovering a multi-brand boutique at the airport.

Browsing the different stalls, we enjoyed picking up our usual brands and discovering new ones that we haven’t seen before.

It is typically a spot you will want to shop at when you need a break from your usual supermarket and wish to treat yourself to more refined products and also items from a deli -usually hard to find in the city.

The only downside we noticed is that the trollies are not allowed to go outside; so you need to carry your purchase with you.

The supermarket is open daily from 7am to midnight.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/c6Rz6uSRVaK2

WHEATFIELDS SUPERMARKET | Al Rayanna Complex – Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi


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