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Coconut oil, extracted from the centre of the humble tropical coconut, never had a good reputation and was always shunned because of its high level of saturated fat that was said to cause heart disease and other troubles, but this has all changed over the years. 

Recent research has proved over and over again that this particular oil has endless health and beauty benefits, a ‘superfood’ it is now part of the popular food club.

This particular nutrient dense oil is multifunctional and multi-purpose and we can’t get enough of it. 

Check below as we share some of the ways we incorporate it into our daily lives.



Ideal for cooking on high temperatures, this oil is perfect for frying, baking and using as an alternative to butter. 

Adding a tablespoon to the diet it helps with weight loss, reduces abdominal obesity and stops sugar cravings.

Helps build the immunity and lower cholesterol and reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.



 Coconut oil gets absorbed into the skin easily and can be used as a lotion, shaving cream and body scrub.

As an anti-bacterial it is also wonderful for fighting acne. 

Fights age marks and stretch marks by rubbing directly onto the problem areas.

Helps in fighting diaper rash. soothe psoriasis, eczema and sunburn.

Nourishes the hair and fights frizz when applied as a conditioner.

Helps fight stress and tension in the body when massaged onto the body.

Gets rid of body odor when used as a deodorant and mouthwash.


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