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Poke Poke now  has three locations across Abu Dhabi.

Poke – pronounced as “poh-kay”, is the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”. The global poke craze took a while to land in Abu Dhabi, but it is here now. We have noticed many places serve this dish and our latest find is called Poke Poke, a dedicated Poke spot that already has three locations across the capital.

What are Poke bowls made with?

Poke bowls have evolved from being simple fisherman food made of raw fish and seaweed flavored with nuts and salt to healthy bowls of goodness that include everything from kimchi to fried onions. They are colorful bowls of marinated raw fish topped with fresh vegetables.

These bowls are a full meal in a pot that you personalize with vibrant sauces and fresh toppings.

Poke is currently giving sashimi and maki a run for its money and it is a complete DIY affair at Poke Poke in Abu Dhabi.

Offering quick and friendly service, Poke Poke allows patrons to choose their bowl size (Good 55 AED, Better 65 AED and Best 75 AED), base (quinoa, white rice, wild rice or mixed greens) and poke (tuna, salmon, cooked prawns, chicken breast or tofu) before layering it with homemade sauces, seasonal vegetables and other really delicious garnishes. These range from wakame and pickled seaweed salad, kimchi, ginger stems, to pineapple or sesame beetroot.

We love the Californian bowl mixing of raw salmon, siracha ponzu, mango, avocado, shallot, baby tomatoes and wakame with kimchi, marinated kale, seaweed salad, and avo coco dressing (avocado, coconut and jalepenos). Hi there, healthy!

It is the perfect combination of deliciousness and healthiness and to put it simply, they look good and taste even better!

Poke Poke is one of those hidden gems in town that you almost want to keep a secret but love too much not to Instagram!

Poke Poke locations:

  • Inside The Raw Place at Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi.
  • World Trade Center Souq, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi
  • My City Centre Masdar, Masdar City


POKE POKE | Abu Dhabi

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