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A snapshot of the 2015 Urban Art Scene in the Arabian Gulf

Fans of urban art are going to love this new 6-book collection that explores the urban artistic scene in the Arabian Gulf.

Based in Bahrain, Quentin de Pimodan is the author of the Khaleeji Voice book series and Melchior de Tinguy is responsible for the photography. The men have travelled together for the last two years across the whole of the Middle East to uncover the urban art scene. The result was a book dedicated to each of the 6 countries they visited – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

What makes this book series so unique is that you get to discover a range of urban artistic disciplines including graffiti, photography, vocal and dance through a series of interviews with young artists. Not technical or elitist, you get to discover the person behind the artists – their background and how they express their art in the Gulf with a nice balance between texts, photographs and quotes.

Volume 3: The UAE

Volume 3 of the series is dedicated to the UAE where you’ll discover the portraits of three graffiti artists – Saif B. Chilmiran, Steffie Bow and Sya Bow whose scene names are Safe, Bow and Sya One. They have also interviewed three vocal artists – Freek of Abu Dhabi is a Somali filmmaker who gained notoriety with his You Tube channel that focuses on the urban field. Alonzo, also of Abu Dhabi, is a Tunisian born rap singer and Malikah who settled in Dubai in 2011 is popular for her hip hop and rap.

This book set would make a fabulous gift and is a great snapshot of the urban scene in 2015. You can purchase the collection at Comptoir 102 in Dubai for 250 AED.

102 Beach Road, Jumeirah 1
Tel:+971 4 385 45 55
Location Map

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