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Jumping, core work and dance in this new class at Bodytree

BTB Bounce at Bodytree is an extension of their already popular BTB classes which focus on cardio, core and coordination.

We start the session by grabbing some hand weights and getting acquainted with our bouncing equipment.

The class begins with warm up dance moves whilst we are on the trampoline.  You need to try and get your coordination in gear, because whilst the moves are easy to pick up; trying to manoeuvre them on a trampoline is a lot harder than it looks!  However, the instructors were on hand to help perfect our skills.

The 1-hour class continues with a variety of jumping cardio that gets your heart pumping.  In-between, we work on core strengthening with some diehard exercises using hand weights and the trampoline as a base.  Even though some of the moves were on the floor, there was always one part our body on the trampoline.  The cool down incorporates more dance and stretching.

BTB Bounce offers a new dimension to the studio’s other BTB class and we recognised a lot of moves from the non-bounce classes we have done before, however we felt that adding this element really elevated the work out experience.

AED 95 per class (packages available)

For more information contact:

Bodytree Studio

+971 2 443 4443

[email protected]


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