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Are you team yoga or pilates? For us, it actually depends on our mood and we’d firmly say we need both. Bodytree Studio recently invited us to join any of their fitness classes and we picked the pilates principles class, as it was ideally available in the evening, right after work.

Those who have lived in Abu Dhabi for a while are certainly familiar with this studio, conveniently located downtown, in a large villa, with a green garden outdoors.

Outdoor garden at Bodytree Studio

The studio is busy all day and evening long with more than 5 rooms to exercise, and classes ranging from reformer pilates (different levels available), pilates, yoga  (ashtanga, meditation, vinyasa power flow, kundalini… ), to more unique ones such as Spin Tribe or BTB Bounce (review here) to name a few.

Our experience with the Pilates Principles Mat Class

We joined Pilates Principles Mat, a 55 minutes class taught by coach Hajar. This class is described as perfect for the Pilates beginner, as it introduces attendants to the basic principles of Pilates and shows you how to execute these principles throughout the mat work repertoire.

As the class was a mixed level, there were a couple of newbies in the room and we found it very useful that the coach spent the first 5-10 minutes to explain the main principles that we need to focus on: diaphragmatic breathing technique (totally different from the yoga breathing), pelvis floor lifting and neutral and imprint positions for our back.

Since we have been practicing more yoga lately, we found this breathing technique a great reminder to make the most of each exercise.

The coach had us moving for an hour, working on the whole body throughout different sequences involving legs exercises, upper body, abs and more. We appreciated that she gave modifications or adjustments so that each student could work according to their level, whether starting from scratch or willing to work deeper. We also found it very useful that she came around frequently to check and correct our position, whether our abdominal muscles or glutes were not activated enough or our knees were not totally straight.

At the end of the class, coach Hajar took the time to give each participant constructive feedback about what to focus on for the upcoming sessions, in order to make the most of the classes.

Pilates classes are usually aimed to establish core strength while facilitating a mind-body connection. We found this class useful to join to refresh the basics techniques about what to focus on in pilates. Usually, Bodytree Studio advises students to join at least 4-5 Pilates Mat Principles classes to be comfortable with all the breathing and positions before transitioning into a Pilates Mat class with ease.

Retail corner on the first floor

AED 80 per class (packages available)

For more information contact:

Bodytree Studio

+971 2 443 4443

Location map



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