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Bareburger is bringing the US phenomenon BEYOND BURGER, made from plants to its restaurant at Marina Mall

Starting off September 2018, the US chain called Bareburger is introducing their new generation of burgers in Abu Dhabi called Beyond Burger.

Wondering what Beyond Burgers is?

Sensitive to adjusting to the worldwide food trend and concerned about how to eat less meat, Bareburger just introduced a new burger in the UAE market after a successful launch in the US, with a patty that cooks, looks and tastes like meat without meat!

This plant-based option is made from potato starch, coconut oil and pea protein. This new plant-based option is not only meat-free but also GMO-free, gluten free and soy free. Apart from its reddish appearance, the patty actually has this distinguishing red color thanks to traces of beets which makes it look as real as a meat burger!  High in protein, low in cholesterol, this new burger generation is a game changer if you feel like embracing the plant-based trend.

Invited to experience this newly launched menu option in before its official launch, we must admit we would not have realized our burger was meat-free, if they didn’t tell us. Chewy and juicy, the taste of the classic Beyond Meat – beyond burger, american cheese, sweet pickles, red onion, green leaf, special sauce and brioche bun –  was a winner, with a texture and overall look very similar to a meat patty.

We also experienced the Vegan Beyond meat option which is very different and we are not yet acquainted with. Though usually fans of the lettuce wrap salad, this vegan burger comes wrapped in a collard green wrap – which was perhaps too green for our taste. The patty lies on a very interesting mix of alfalfa sprouts though mixed with a mustard based sauce that gives an absolute kick to the burger! There is also red onion and spinach inside.

Vegan Beyond Burger

Lastly, if you are starving, you may also choose the Beyond Double prepared with two beyond burger patties, american cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, ketchup, vegan mayo, shredded green leaf and brioche bun.

Bareburger is definitely an interesting joint that we are keen on visiting once in a while as they use organic products and locally sourced ingredients. Their decor is also warm and inviting with rustic wood chairs and quirky animal prints and other ornaments on the walls.

Lastly, don’t forget to add some French fries as they come with three homemade sauce that we can’t ever resist!

BAREBURGER | Marina mall, Abu Dhabi

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