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A café worth the detour if you like homegrown Italian bakery items

In our hunt to find that homegrown spot serving freshly made homemade cuisine, we stumbled upon a new café that we quite enjoyed.

Convenient to access – with plenty of parking slots in front of the boutique – Dolci E Capricci opened its doors in March 2018.

If you miss grabbing savory or sweet baked items with an Italian flair, this should be your go to as the shop serves a variety of baked goods.

The brightly lit boutique is called Dolci E Capricci – meaning ‘sweet and whims’. The authenticity of the place was further validated by all the Italian customers the day we visited.

We picked up a few different items to enjoy for dinner and they were a huge hit with the family.

Our top picks included Cipollina – priced at 10AED each – prepared with a traditional dough and filled with onions, black olives and tomato sauce. The Cartoccia Ragu -also at 10AED per piece – was wholesome, filled with bolognese sauce and mozarella cheese. If you are into a combination of savory and sweet, try the Ravioli de Ricotta that is topped with icing sugar.

Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in a large dessert palette, from the canolli – available in small and normal sizes, and priced at 8 or 30AED – available in ricotta, vanilla and chocolate flavors, or the baba also available in two sizes and different flavors such as vanilla, panna…) or the appealing bigne – chocolate, pistachio, whipping cream or arancio & mandarino. We would definitely stick to the small bites to experience the different flavors rather than having the large size that was more pricey.



There is also an ice cream parlor serving traditional Italian flavors including Gianduja, Cassata, Lemon, Torrone, Tiramisu, Stracciatella, Hazelnut and many more – available to enjoy both at the café or to take home in larger quantity.

Last advice, cafe lovers cannot leave the café without sipping a flavorful Italian espresso… and the cherry on the top is to have it with their brioche, certainly the best we have had for years.

This is a spot to remember next time you plan to organize a large ladies gathering (see location map below).

If some of you have already experienced the restaurant menu, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us. Meanwhile, here is their menu that also has that distinct Italian flair: https://www. dolciecapricci.com/menu- finedine/


DOLCI E CAPRICCI | Al Asteklal street, Abu Dhabi | +971 2 631 1030

Website: https://www. dolciecapricci.com/



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