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Tamba restaurant at WTC Mall keeps raising the bar with their new menu additions

Whenever booking a table at Tamba – the perfect spot to pick with foodie friends or visitors- we know we are in for a special treat and a memorable experience. Since its opening (four years ago), TAMBA has managed to create memorable dishes that are unique and superb.

So, when we heard Tamba had released a new menu this year, we got excited and curious. Invited to try their new culinary creations, we immediately accepted the invitation and now have a couple more favorites to share.

Booked in on a Thursday night, the first advice we would give diners is to plan ahead and book a table before visiting as by 9 pm, TAMBA was totally full.

Shan, who looked after our table and has been working at Tamba since the first day, told us the Chef had prepared for us a selection of newly launched bites to share. Each dish came to the table when ready and we started with a bit of a show thanks to the Delhi Mix, quinoa smokey mess, a refreshing and deconstructed starter prepared with yogurt, pomegranate seeds and quinoa.

The Half avocado, tandoor smoked prawns with Lebanese chili – was our favorite starter as we just adored the tandoori flavors.

Half avocado, tandoor smoked prawns with Lebanese chili

The King Crab puri served as a set of four are ideal to share at the table. Filled with king crab meat, the bites are topped with coriander foam. We liked the sweetness of the bites given by the tamarind puree below the puri and were surprised it was quite juicy.

King Crab puri

If you have no problem with tasting Burgundy snails, go for Tamba’s reinterpretation as they mixed it with a fairly spicy mixture on top called Malabar sambal, cooked with a variety of chili peppers along with garlic, and ginger to name a few. Lastly, we enjoyed the vegetarian mushroom tandoor, topped with emapana melted cheese.

Mushroom Tandoor

Moving on to the mains, we followed Shan’s advice and picked the newly released lasagna, tiger prawns and also shared a risotto.

The Three-layered keema lasagna, shakshuka sauce was a total winner at the table and will undoubtedly become another cult dish at TAMBA. Each layer is prepared with a different cheese – parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella – and a casserole comes with the shakshuka and lamb sauce (keema means chopped meat in Hindi). An indulgent must-try that is wholesome and comforting.

The Mushroom Khichdi, croquettes and blackberry achar (in the vegetarian selection) is actually a revisited risotto made with bollet, portobello and button mushrooms. The Indian touch comes from the crispy lentils on top and the achar (pickle in Hindi). Probably the most surprising dish we tried amongst the new TAMBA additions.

Mushroom Khichdi, croquettes and blackberry achar (V)

Lastly, we just adored the tiger prawns, chili mint sauce and peachy leaves. There is a playful element to the dish as you must grab a prawn, wrap it in the edible peachy leaf and dig into the chili mint sauce. Another winner at the table.

Tiger prawns, chili mint sauce and peachy leaves

After a welcoming pause, we met Tamba’s Chef, who has been part of the Tamba team since the very beginning of the restaurant and wanted to get our first impressions, which you probably guessed!

He then sent us two signature desserts to try. Our favorite was Mumtaz – meaning fabulous in Arabic, which is a cylindrical ice halwa filled with a strawberry yogurt parfait. The dessert is topped with thinly sliced strawberries and served with a strawberry confit. The second one called Indecent Proposal was very refreshing and a gorgeous final palate cleanser; a lemon sorbet sitting on a layer of raspberry and rosewater puree.

Mumtaz dessert

This dessert is called Indecent Proposal

Verdict? With no real surprise, Tamba managed to impress us again with these new culinary releases.

The lasagna, half avocado with tandoor prawns will now join our already long list of favorites dishes we like to order again and again.

Two other highlights we’d like to share: whenever we visit Tamba, what makes a big difference is the advice, the service, the knowledge and the passion from the Tamba team. They know their job, and it is really a plus for gourmet diners to get to know more details about how each dish is prepared and the story behind their creations.

Second, we kept watching the team in action from the open kitchen and were very impressed how the whole team looked super relaxed and kept on delivering beautifully designed and tasty dishes to each table, though the restaurant was fully packed.

Congratulations to the whole TAMBA team, you rock!

Get more details about the Tamba menu here and dessert menu here.

You can also check our TAMBA night experience in our Restaurant Highlights on our new Instagram channel dedicated to Abu Dhabi.

TAMBA | World Trade Center Mall (WTC), The Hub (Level 6) – Abu Dhabi

Website: https://tambarestaurant.com/

Location Map

Opening Times:
Sunday to Wednesday | 12 pm – 1 am
Thursday to Saturday | 12 pm – 2 am

Tel: +971 2 672 8888

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