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Abu Dhabi has become a playground for healthy snacking

From time to time, we really want a switch from the traditional fresh vegetables and fruits to other more exciting snacks. So, if like us, you are always keen on trying new stuff, we have good news to share. Exploring the snack corners around Abu Dhabi supermarkets, we have observed these shelves were much more appealing than they used to be and decided to round up our latest discoveries.

Holland & Barrett carries different healthy and chewy sweet snacking such as ‘Dried apple rings with no added sugar’, ‘crunchy sweet banana slices’ or ‘sweetened coconut slices’.
Available at Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi

We can now find the super good Jax Coco ‘Toasted coconut chips’. They are available with three different flavors, with chili and lime, sea salt or with wasabi, our personal favorite.
Available at Waitrose in Al Zeina or at Jones The Grocer


We also discovered Love Raw, that sells raw 100% organic superfood energy bars. They come in various appealing flavors such as Cacao and Maca, Rosehip& Lemon, Cacao & Spirulina, Coconut & Chia.
Available at the new organic Mawasim supermarket. More info here



The Dubai-based Munchbox company made its debut in Abu Dhabi lately and we can now buy their cute mini snack boxes in some supermarkets. Priced around 10 AED each at Waitrose, there are different options such as ‘Crunch Anana’, ‘Wasabi n’ Cashews’, ‘Chocalmonds’, or ‘Cornival’.


Tosi also has appetizing vegan bars. Our favorite is prepared with chia and flax seeds and is called ‘Cappucino Crunch Almond’. We have spotted these super bites at Waitrose Al Zeina lately.

Kids will also be fans of these lunchbox friendly bars sold by 5 and priced at 18.50AED at Waitrose. The Lamington bars are made with dates, coconut, sunflower seeds, natural cacao powder , ground chia and sesame seeds and cinnamon.

If you always have an energy bag in your bag, check these 2 new brands available at Mawasim supermarket.
Ayurveda had 3 different Quin Bite bars for different timing and purposes. We like their labelling such as ‘Wake up & Shake Up’ for Kapha, ‘Chill out & Relax’ for Pitta, or Don’t worry, Be Happy’ for Vata.

Lastly, LiveFood bars are also stored at Mawasim with different taste to choose from, including ‘Berry Maca Baobab’, ‘Coconut’ and ‘Chocolate’.



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