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Burger28’s Fun, New Concept

Old Airport Rd is officially over-run with boutique burger joints, so kudos to Urban Emirati favourite, Burger28 for attempting to up the ante.

Our hats go off to them for this clever marketing ploy. Not only does it make a much-loved comfort food easy to eat and carry on a stroll in all this good weather (if you’re driving, it also comes with lids and a cardboard rest, by the way), it also makes the whole dish incredibly Instagram-ready.

7Cones is simple – pasta served up seven fresh and funky ways in a sturdy cardboard carrier. Flavours include:

Basebeat, starring your classic tomato and Italian herbs red sauce; Ha-Cha-Cha, whose tomato cream sauce has a kick, generously sprinkled with chili flakes and garlic; Kind’A Ragu, for meat lovers, with huge helpings of juicy beef mince; the even more meaty, Meatnutz, which throws huge meatballs into the mix; the gorgeously-green Kryptonite, doused in fresh basil and parmesan cheese, pine nuts and walnuts;  Shoosh, smothered in the much-loved pink sauce. Creamy to its core and layered with beef bacon and onions; and the aptly-named I Cheez, obviously loaded with the good, gooey stuff, cream sauce and spices.

Impressively for a fast food joint, you’re asked first to choose how you want your style of pasta cooked before selecting all the rest. That day we were on a quick, “hangry” drive-by and played it safe with the Kind’A Ragu featuring spaghetti and added mushrooms.

It took about 20 minutes to prepare, but we enjoyed a refreshing Italian soda while we waited. Spuma Bionda is caramel infused but has a mysterious side-taste of pear flavour and might be our new favourite fizzy drink.

It was an added bonus to see how huge the cone servings were. Even better, our perfectly al dente pasta was honestly better than any we’ve been offered at any sit-down Italian restaurant this year. You could tell the black pepper coming through was freshly ground and they didn’t skimp on the beef or grated parmesan.

We love absolutely everything about this pasta pit-stop and eagerly wait on a home delivery option.

7Cones | located within Burger28 branch, Old Airport Rd. | +9712 631 8778

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