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Order delicious unsold food at discount prices in Abu Dhabi.

Do you want to eat good food and adopt a more sustainable way of living? A couple of months ago we discovered BonApp, an app that offers good deals for foodies and is a great solution for restaurants and an even greater impact on the environment. Initially covering Dubai, it has now expanded and is available in Abu Dhabi since October 2018.

Apart from being short for “bon appétit”, BonApp also translates from French to “good app”. Created by three foodies at heart, passionate about a more sustainable way of living and frustrated with the huge footprint we all contribute to living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, they wanted to come up with a business model that helps people to make decisions in their everyday life which have a positive impact on the environment. BonApp targets high-end brands in Abu Dhabi who provide high-quality food produce.

We have already spotted a few of our favorite cafes on the app including Nolu’s, Soulfull, Skinny Genie, The Raw Place, Circle Café, Sushi Counter, Blacksmith, Sale Sucre, the Bagel Factory, Costa Coffee and Caffé Nero.

Inspired by the UAE Food Bank launched last year and Dubai Municipality’s #ZeroFoodWaste campaign, they have created a mobile app through which restaurants can post real-time deals of any surplus food they have. Customers buy the food through the app, and at the same time, they save a meal!

A win-win app for both the customers and the providers

Restaurants and other food providers such as grocery stores, can sign-up to become a partner, they decide menu items for sale through dine in, delivery or pick up as part of the app. The only stipulation for businesses is that the deal must be out for more than two hours and must include a discount of minimum 30%.

Customers can log-on to the app and view the offers available at each of the restaurants. The app saves users’ favourite restaurants and users receive notifications on their phone for when deals are added nearby. Payment is made directly through the app using a credit or debit card and the app is free to download.

How BonApp Works:

Download the App for free

Find delicious unsold food from restaurants and cafes at a reduced price.

Buy directly in the app and enjoy as pick-up or dine-in.

More information on BonApp is available at


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