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…And It’s Eggs-actly What We’ve Longed For

Confession: This writer has an unhealthily obsession with eggs and has been eyeing Egg Shack for a while. From shakshouka to devilled eggs, all this chic, tiny, three-table café serves is what the hen provides (with well-paired accompaniments, of course).

You can enjoy yours Korean-style runny over kimchi rice; hardboiled and drenched in sauces and spices the Indian way; soft between a warm burger bun with classic garnishes; even have it your way thanks to the build-your-own-omelette section. Egg whites only? Also no problem. These complete geeks zone in on everything from how and how long they’re cooked for all the way up to crafting eggy reinventions of other dishes (egg-shaped waffles anyone?).

Our “egg-citement” kicked off with the Dynamite Quail Eggs. It’s an Instagram-worthy snack, breaded and beautifully-presented on a bed of spicy tomato relish.

Dynamite Quail Eggs

We’re runny egg fans but decided to break tradition and try the crispy eggs benedict next. The sight of yolk drenching the plate was sorely missed but it was still a yummy, novel idea.

Nargessi Eggs

Scrambled eggs fans can fill up nicely on the soft egg burger, although it could use some salt or seasoning. If flavour is what you crave, we reckon the Bharat eggs, soaked in Masala sauce with a side of warm paratha, can provide. Best enjoyed with their cheap-as-chips Masala tea or even the elegant crème brulee latte which, we think, doubles as dessert.

Egg Shack also delivers, so all our “eggs-pectations” have been met!


EGG SHACK | near Abu Dhabi Media, Old Airport Road, Al Mushrif | +971 2 666 4141



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