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Fancy a Burger in an unconventional decor?

While visiting Nation Towers Galleria on the Corniche, have you ever noticed the floor-to-ceiling red velvet curtain on the facade opposite Cafe Bateel?

After being intrigued for a while and wondering what was hidden behind, we decided to follow the signs and the burger-shaped neons lights to discover… an unexpected surprise (at least if you are not familiar with the New York one)!

Indeed, Burger Joint really is an institution in New York and commonly ranks amongst the best burger places in the Big Apple.

We are lucky enough to have this burger eatery now at our doorstep in Abu Dhabi as Burger Joint has only opened outlets outside the US in two countries so far: the UAE and South Korea.

So, what is so special about the decor?

The images speak for themselves. It ‘s not that often that we go for a meal in a spot that looks so artistic with graffiti covering the walls, posters, tables and almost every other object in the dining area. After the initial shock, we became easily acquainted to the style that is at least different and quite energizing with all the colorful messages everywhere.

The patties and the fries

Our second surprise was not about having the menu spread on a cardboard which actually fits well with the overall ambience but more about the options available. If you want to go for a main, there is only “The Hamburger” and ” The Cheeseburger” with or without the bread.

Once again, we realized after tasting our burgers that to enjoy a meal at its best, it’s finally not about the extended choice but much more about the freshness of the ingredients and the taste.

Our full version of cheeseburgers were very flavorful with the lettuce, red onions, pickles, fresh tomato and the tender and juicy meat all mixed with three sauces – you can only choose not to include some ingredients when ordering.

We couldn’t help checking out how the fries with cheese tasted. First, one portion is more than enough for two and it is nicely displayed in a big pan with the fries topped with both yellow cheddar and white cheese (have to check the names of the cheeses with my daughter).

In the end, this burger place definitely is a nice addition to the Capital and to the burger scene in Abu Dhabi.

Burger Joint in Abu Dhabi
Nation Towers Galleria
Location Map
Tel : +971 2 222 24 56

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