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Experience an Italian gastronomic journey with the whole family

Looking forward to making your Saturday very special? Well, we are just back from the newly launch Saturday brunch at Roberto’s Abu Dhabi and their latest concept ‘Pranzo in Giardiano’ that translates as ‘Lunch in The Garden’ is a winner tribute to Italian cuisine.

Why the little ones will love it?

First of all, kids aged under 10 are welcome to enjoy lunch for free and they get to select different dishes from the kids menu. The choice is ample and they will have the option to try fried calamari, pasta with bolognese sauce and seabass with mashed potato and more options that are a great way to start elevating their tastebuds.

In between the different courses, we noticed kids just disappeared to join the kids activities proposed during this brunch. After enjoying painting their own design on a mug, or being a little scientist making a DIY lava lamp with aspirin, colorant, oil and water, they had a blast at the last activity, enjoying baking a set of 8 different desserts under the guidance of the Roberto’s Abu Dhabi pastry chef.

The result is just astonishing and kids are extremely proud to come back home with a huge box of their bespoke pastries.

Pastry Workshop for kids

Why the parents also loved it?

Indoor Garden and picnic vibes

For this Saturday brunch, the indoor terrace is revamped with a thick grass covering the whole floor, baskets here and there to give a bucolic feel. The brunch is divided into four main sections. The concept is all about sharing and tasting Roberto’s cuisine and you will love taking time to enjoy their elaborate and varied dishes selection.

The Sharing starters

When you are ready to start, the table is full in no time with six different warm and cold starters to share. The Polpo is a definite winner. Slow-cooked between three to five hours before being grilled, the roasted octopus has this distinct crunch outside and is still soft inside. Coming with a pecorino sauce on top, the octopus pairs well with sauteed artichokes. The plate was decorated with a creamy white sauce- prepared with the water of the octopus, sunflower oil and soy milk – combined well with the octopus.

Polpo | Roasted octopus, sauteed artichoke and cacio e pepe sauce

The Straccetti di Wagyu served warm was also delicious and prepared with very tender wagyu beef strips, rocca salad, pine nuts and mushrooms. The balsamic reduction makes all the difference and combines well with the different ingredients.

Sogliola | Seared dove sole, marinated white cabbage

One of our favorites was also the refined Sogliola : the white cabbage got its yellow color after being marinated with saffron and is displayed with a very soft piece of seared dove sole on top. There are two kinds of ‘jelly’ drops all around that pair well with the starter. To make the turquoise drops, the chefs cook the cabbage at a certain temperature that makes the water turn blue. The pink drops, made with onions and vinegar, definitely add a sour taste.

If you are more into green, the baby spinach salad comes with green apples thinly cut sticks and match well with walnuts and feta on top.

Sharing starters at Robertos Abu Dhabi
Top Left: Costine di manzo | slow-cooked wagyu ribs, pumpkin cream, homemade barbecue sauce
Top Right: Quinoa salad, beetroot, kale, avocado, tomatoes, button mushrooms
Bottom: Straccetti di Wagyu | Wagyu Strips, balsamic reduction, mushrooms and pine nuts


We enjoyed a welcoming pause before moving to the Sharing Pasta.

Don’t miss the Ravioli Di Burrata con Salsa al Pomodoro Datterino. We were told the homemade ravioli shape comes from the design of the head dress of the Pope from the olden times. The tomato sauce has a divine aroma thanks to the extremely sweet tomatoes variety called Datterino tomatoes that come from Sicily.

We also enjoyed tasting The Calamarata al Ragout di Carne. Actually, the pasta have a calamari ring shape and the ragout was very hearty and flavorful.

Left: Ravioli di Burrata con Salsa Al Pomodoro Datterino
Right: Calamarata al Ragout di Carne

The brunch goes on with two different main courses to experience.

The agnello was a hit at the table as the tender lamb chops are covered with herb bread crumps and displayed over seared lettuce baby gem. The orata has a Mediterranean feel as the grilled sea bream is served over sweet and sauteed vegetable caponata along with yellow tomato gel nicely displayed around the dish.

The Agnello | Herb breaded lamb chop, seared lettuce baby gem, fennel seed mayo


Orata | Grilled sea bream, sauteed vegetable caponata, yellow tomato gel

Finishing the brunch with a fantastic looking trompe l’oeil

Sharing desserts | I Nostri Dolci

The foodies may have heard about Cedric Grollet, a French pastry chef known worldwide for his fruit trompe lóeil creations. The ‘I Nostri Dolci’ Trompe l’oeil Dessert will stay long in our memories and is the signature dish for this garden lunch concept.

Guests are invited to share a beautiful and picturesque mix of fruit shaped desserts (a green apple, strawberries, a gorgeous looking pear, a kiwi or a coconut…). All these artistic beauties look like real fruits but taste totally different. These wonderful trompe l’oeil can hide a cream, an ice cream or a cake. Just divine for the eyes and the palette. There is even some moss displayed all around the sharing dessert platter made with colored soft bread that make this garden dessert platter more realistic.

To conclude…

This new concept is brilliant and will get families to finish the weekend on a high note. We once again were impressed by the special and hearty Italian dishes we got to dicover, and the presentation ranks really high. We loved visiting Roberto’s Abu Dhabi again as the restaurant team, from the kitchen to the service team transport you to the heart of Italy mixing both traditional Italian recipes with quality products, attention to detail in the presentation, and discover new food pairings.

More info about the pricing

This new concept was launched at the end of March 2018.

There are four different packages available:

Soft Drinks – AED 245
House Package – AED 345
Risvera Package – AED 445
Champagne  AED 95 (upplement per person)

Prices include 10% service charge and 5% VAT.

ROBERTO’S ABU DHABI | The Galleria Mall | https://www.robertos.ae/ abudhabi



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