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Why fear Nitrogen? It’s 75% of the air we breathe!

It is just stunning and so fun to watch how this Nitrogen ice cream technology works. Within just a few seconds, the machines let the liquid nitrogen flow into a bowl, expand in the air as smoke. The show starts with a big foggy greyish cloud spreading over the bowl and after evaporating in front of our eyes, we get our promised ice cream. Just magic!

So for those who haven’t yet watched the show and tasted the nitrogen ice cream in the Capital, we have rounded up the many options now available in Abu Dhabi to try it.

Choco Rain

With two branches in Abu Dhabi – one kiosk at the World Trade Center mall near Spinneys open since mid-April 2015 and one shop at Al Nahyan Camp- just take the kids along with you and let them try this original ice cream.

After choosing your size, you have twenty different flavors to pick from including peach, peanut butter, caramel, almond and blackberry. After mixing the liquid flavor with a white cream, just watch how the mix turns into a creamy solid ice cream in a minute or so thanks to the liquid nitrogen.
Add topping , get served in a waffle bowl or cone with a few extra dirhams and enjoy. The peach and strawberry ice cream were creamy and got the kids’s vote while we were less convinced with the almond flavor.

The WTC mall is perfect for an ice cream on the go as there are no tables and chairs at the kiosk. We prefer the Al Nahyan store as there are seats to sit on and while enjoying the dessert.

Choco Rain can also come directly to your home whenever you have a special event to celebrate and they can prepare freshly churned ice cream right in front of your guests!

Price for small, medium, large : 14 AED, 17 AED, 20 AED

Tel : +971 2 634 35 77
[email protected]

The Atomic Ice Cream Labs

The Nitrogen gelato-based Atomic Ice Cream Labs is tucked away at Deerfields Mall. We fell for the white and turquoise decor, the fun signs above the counter that give this store a cool spirit and tempt us into placing an order staight away. First, choose your flavor between chocolate, caramel, almond, vanilla and strawberry.

The shop also proposes their Scientific Creations priced at 30 AED such as the Chocolate Cherry Coconut, the Salted Caramel Popcorn and the Vanilla Caramel Oreo Crunch.

3 sizes are available from 1 to 3 scoops (14 AED, 18 AED or 24 AED), add a topping (+2 AED) and be served in a waffle cone (+3 AED).

Atomic Ice Cream Labs
Deerfields Town Square mall- Location Map
Food Court- Level 4

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt

Hidden inside Abu Dhabi mall, you may have passed in front of this tiny shop without noticing that this is in fact the first Nitrogen ice cream vendor open since the end of 2013. They have now opened a second store on the first floor in Marina Mall near the cinema and opposite Fuddruckers.

Once again, 3 steps to follow with first the size , then the choice of your base between Premium (12%), Reduced Fat (9%) or Low Fat (6%).
Third comes the flavor to choose amongst 40 different options. We haven’t tasted them all but some seemed quite appealing such as date, biscuit, amaretto, pomegranate, panna cotta, dulche de leche, rose and tiramisu. Lastly comes the mix-ins or toppings that cost 3 additional AED for 1 or 5 AED for two.

Once again, there is a huge array of toppings with more than 30 different choices available. We went for the reduced fat and low fat options and were impressed with the creamy texture.

Price for small, medium, large : 12 AED, 16 AED, 20 AED

Sub Zero Ice Cream
Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall


So, which is the one on the top of your list?

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