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Here our our top picks for the honey suppliers in Abu Dhabi

In our bid to cut down on white sugar, we are now switching to honey. Savored with Emmental cheese at snack time for kids, used in our cake recipes or glazed with chicken for BBQ recipes, it is the best alternative that not only satisfies the sugar cravings but also tastes great.

We have found many different brands of honey both online and in stores that are sourced from different countries.


– The bio Vasilissa forest honey produced in Greece is our latest find and personal favorite that you can easily purchase at the deli counter at Wheatfields – a supermarket in Abu Dhabi located inside Al Rayanna compound (if you haven’t visited the store yet, you are seriously missing out, check our full scope here).

Their honey comes with a hefty price and costs around 70 AED for 250 g (8.81 oz) but its refined taste is absolutely worth the extra Dirhams, at least once in a while.

– An old favorite downtown, Kingdom of Honey and Herbals is an eclectic and old-fashioned store that has us back to get (and taste) Yemeni honey. This honey is considered a delicacy and among one of the most highly desired varieties of honey. Unlike other types of honey, Yemeni honey comes from the nectar of the Sidr tree which is an ancient tree in Yemen. The Sidr tree is famous for its phenomenal medicinal value and the honey itself is considered the best in the world as well as one of the most expensive due to its amazing taste, aromatic smell, and health-promoting benefits.

When at the Gold Souk, just park at the back as this store is very close by. Check our detailed review here with the location map.

– If you prefer shopping online, Secrets Fine Food stocks a large honey selection, coming from France, Madagascar or Portugal.
From flower, lavender, sunflower flower honey to fir tree, raw chestnut tree, lime tree honey, we are spoilt for choice. The honey selection by Francis Miot – a refined jam producer in France – ranges around 45 – 50 AED for 250g. 3
During 30 years, this brand has been working with selected beekeepers fulfilling their requirement of taste, leading them to offer natural honey, with pure and incomparable aromas.

– If you prefer grabbing something at the mall, why not check Balqees, that sells a large selection of honey from Yemen and around the world (Chile, Argentina… ).
In Abu Dhabi, there are Balqees boutiques at Dalma Mall and Marina Mall. They also have an online store that gives information about the color, texture and describes the taste of each honey available.

– Lastly, Organic Foods and Cafe stocks affordable organic honey (between 20 to 40AED for 350g), most of them are sourced from the Australian brand Organic Larder.


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