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Need a coffee fix when you are close to Wahda? You must check out Rain Cafe, a new homegrown and gorgeous looking cafe…

Hopefully, there are some health studies highlighting the benefits of drinking coffee as we keep on discovering new specialty coffee shops in Abu Dhabi.

Our latest find is located downtown and is once again the kinda coffee shop we just adore. It ‘s called Rain Abu Dhabi and has a very unique, design and trendy decor. With cloud shaped lamps made with cotton over the counter, a stunning cloudy wall decor at the back, beautiful blue, and yellow sofas – we want the exact same for our home!

Let us warn you that once you arrive you will have the urge to hangout here with friends and enjoying a hot cup of coffee!

The bright decor pairs well with the large windows bringing a lot of light and additional warmth inside the coffee shop. The floor also gives a warm feel to the decor as it mixes wooden floor with trendy ceramic tiles arranged in a stylish and modern way.


The spot opened its doors in September 2017 in the Capital and it seems it already has its regulars coming in. While there early morning – around 8.30 am- one of the waiters kept on placing orders and delivering specialty coffees to commuters in their cars.

What’s on the menu?

Of course, we can taste a large variety of coffee such as the Spanish Latte, Piccolo Latte, Manual Brew, Cold Brew, or cold brew in a bottle all priced between 20 and 30 AED.

Unlike other new coffee spots, this cafe proposes quite a large selection of desserts. We promised ourselves we would go back soon to try some, such as the classic, saffron or pistachio milk cakes served inside individual jars. There is also a choice of cakes including mango, coconut and a glazed pistachio cake that looked appetizing.

If you are more into bakery stuff, some freshly baked savory items are also displayed under glass bell jars (chicken and mushroom, feta tarts, multi-grain zaatar croissant)-which can make a welcome alternative to a quick lunch fix when on the go in the city.

Open daily
– Weekdays –  from 7 am to 10 pm
– Friday & Saturday  – from 9 am until 11 pm

RAIN CAFE ABU DHABI | Mohamed Bin Khalifa St – Abu Dhabi

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