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Labneh: A breakfast crowdpleaser

Labneh is pretty much a staple at the breakfast table in households across the Middle East. This healthy form of cream cheese is made from strained yogurt and is fast becoming popular in other countries around the world.

One of the best things about this popular food is the pairings that go along with it. There are many ways to enjoy it and the taste of it alone is flavorful as well. Traditionally, it’s served on a plate with olive oil drizzled on top.

It’s also usually eaten with Arabic pita bread with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes on the side. Although it’s readily available in stores located in this region, quality product may be hard to come by elsewhere.That’s precisely why we are sharing this easy to make recipe for homemade Labneh, which will last in your fridge for more than a week.

What you will need:

  • 1 gallon whole milk
  • 1 small container of full-fat yogurt
  • A plastic strainer
  • Paper towels


Pour full gallon of milk into a pot and keep on medium heat until it starts boiling. As soon as it boils bring down or the second lowest mark or “medium low” on your stove. Leave for 45 minutes or until a layer skin has formed at the stop. Turn off the stove once you see the layer elevate.

Keep testing the hot milk in a spoon or cup until you are able to touch it and stand it for 10 seconds or so.  At this point, you can add 7-8 big tablespoons of full-fat yogurt into the pot of milk and stir gently for a minute.

Next, you will close the pot tightly and cover it with a towel so no air can get in. You will leave it outside overnight so the milk will turn into a thick yogurt. The next morning you can line a strainer with one layer of paper towels and pour the yogurt mixture into it. Make sure the strainer is elevated over a pot, so the liquid from the yogurt will be able to trickle down and strain.

When all of the liquid has been drained, you can put the labneh into a Tupperware and keep in the fridge.

A few tips: it’s best to only use full fat milk and yogurt as low fat doesn’t produce the same results. When plating labneh, only serve as much as you’d like to eat, as you will not be able to keep it fresh if it has been topped with olive oil, vegetables or other seasonings.

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How to make labnehlabneh recipe

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